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Recently Direct TV changed their menu's to something that is unreadable, almost.The fonts are small and the contrast between the letters and background is just terrible.

Who's idea was this anyway? Even I could have come up with something better. I used to be able to lay in bed and read the menu with easy on my 32" flat screen, not now. Come on people, fix this.

I'm sure the people who do this make good money and should have great skills in this area. Did anyone look at this before the update?

I'm in Colorado and friends in Arizona say their's is still the old version.Figure that one out.

Review about: Directv Tv Guide.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: I do not like the new menus.

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The new menu format is terrible! Hard to read, hard to use and a significant degrade to Direct tv service. Tell the idiots who built it to go back to the old one!


I agree completely with this. I have a 60" HD TV and still have to squint to read. I have 20-20 vision.


I woke up to this new menu and I’m totally pissed.Not user friendly, too many steps to get to your to do list.

I have been a customer for many years. I will consider switching if no change. It is not good for older people. Print is small and black background makes it hard to see.

Did this company product check with consumers before the switch.Apparently not because it is awful


I am totally disappointed with DirectTV’s new menu.Why would they change the fonts?

OMG I can’t see the clock, the % of useage.I really don’t like anything about it.


Is Direct TV only serving people under 40? The fonts on the new menu are unreadable. One more reason to question why I spend my money for the same old movies that have been on free tv for 15 years.


Totally upset with the new menu, especially the small font.I can no longer read it from my bed.

And don't get me started on my recorded programs. NO DATES. Who in the world approved this meds? Can't wait for our contract with Direct to be up.

Anything is better than this.I see this little print as a violation of ADA.


I agree. I hate the new menus. Can't see them because they are too small and so hard to operate.


I called to complain and was told "... well it's not going to be changed.". Sort of like: you don;t like it, take your business down the street.


I agree that the new menus suck!Who tested this stuff?

I don't know why we can't choose the ones we want. If there is not choice, then go back to the ones that work better.

The new one is slow and it doesn't make sense.I will probably be going back to cable and TiVo for this and other reasons.


I hate the new menu.The old menu was perfect.

Don't fix what isn't broken. It's very difficult to read the new menu - small font and hard to read. it's difficult to move around. Also, there is a distinct lack of dates Can't figure if it's today, yesterday or a year ago.

Aggravating.Go back.


I hate the new DirectTV menus- they are a pain to use, time consuming compared to old menus, and generally archaic. The new guide is too small to see easily - please put everything back the way it was.


Horrible new menu!!!!!! I am cancelling my service. Directv is now run by idiots


I have called four times trying to send in my receiver and DVR back to Directv.You can no longer return them to your local Directv location, but must mail it in one of their recovery boxes.

Each time I called, they tried to get me to continue with their service. Even though, I actually paid them to discontinue their service early, because it is horrible.

Supposedly, the first time the box was sent to our old address, even though we provided them the new address. The second time, they sent it to our new address, but it was mysteriously sent back to the them.

The third time I was disconnected twice and had to call back, then I end up live chatting and was told everything was set up and that I should be receiving the box in two business days. On the fourth business day, I called and was told that I need to call FedEx and give them a tracking number to change my address. I repeated the number back and got confirmation on the number being correct. When I contacted FedEx, I was told the number was too long.

So, I called back and was told a number of times that they needed to put me on hold to check information, they came back and told me it would be between Ten and Fifteen days to receive a box in the mail. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was asked to be on hold, then five minutes later, they came back on to tell me the supervisors were busy and did I want to hold.

I told them yes, and here I sit Thirty minutes holding on the phone, with them coming back on every five minutes.

I think they just try to delay you shipping the boxes back, until you finally get so frustrated that you give up, so that they can charge you for the equipment instead of taking it back.This might work for some customers, but it's not going to work for me!

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