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Recently Direct TV changed their menu's to something that is unreadable, almost. The fonts are small and the contrast between the letters and background is just terrible.

Who's idea was this anyway? Even I could have come up with something better. I used to be able to lay in bed and read the menu with easy on my 32" flat screen, not now. Come on people, fix this.

I'm sure the people who do this make good money and should have great skills in this area. Did anyone look at this before the update?

I'm in Colorado and friends in Arizona say their's is still the old version. Figure that one out.

Review about: Directv Tv Guide.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: I do not like the new menus.

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Directv is run by Democrats, that's why it sucks,


I totally agree with all stated in this review, I have a 55" and can'tfocus on the info, the letters are way to small , partially blind spousecan't see this on the 65" either, this needs to be fixed???????????????


I cannot read the menu either! If it doesn’t get fixed I’m changing my cable provider! Who thought this was a good idea!


I am pissed about the upgrade too. I can not read the small font and can not find the to do list since th upgrade. Please change it back!!!!


I always heard that " if it aint broke dont fix it"....Well, directv you have really screwed up by changing to this terrible new menu. I hate it, and because of it I will drop you and go with a cable company.


I agree with just about everyone here (I took one look at the new menu, and wondered what they could possibly be thinking...). Unfortunately, it seems that job security in some fields is based on constantly changing things and (especially) creating new bells and whistles to market, rather than making the most functional and useful product possible, and leaving it alone until you actually come up with something that's truly better for the users.


I hate your new changes to the guide and menu. I cannot read it. Change it or I will go to one of your competitors.


Absolutely the worst. New menu will not allow you to record a series still in production on one channel (I,e.

“first run” series setting), and reruns of the same series on a different channel (I.e., “record all” series setting).

When setting up “record a series” with the new menu the default is “all channels” and you must select all or first run only. The old menu allowed you to separate new showings from reruns.


We also hate it, very hard to read and understand. Why did they chance it? Also can we change it back within our box?


I hate the new menu bar. A person reads from left to right.

I instinctively look for the channel at the left...wrong!! Some dingbat would rather put the DirecTV logo on the left side and leave people searching for the channel. We all know we have DirecTV we don't need to see the logo.

The font is extremely small and difficult to read. Please rethink your design...it's the worst I've seen in the 20 years I have had DirecTV!!


I HATE this new menu!!! It looks like something a ten year old would have created....it’s terrible.

I had 10 days of my soaps recorded & I must have pushed the wrong delete button & lost all of them.

It doesn’t even list the date of the one you are watching. I’m so mad that they changed this but I can’t find anywhere on the att site to complain.

to Joan Loseto #1506160

Put your complaint on rather chat so direct has a record of it. It may not change anything except rethink what could happen it they screw up a change like they did on this.


Whatever nitwit came up with the new direct tv menu look should get a different job. Grey background with with small white font? What were they thinking?Direct TV, please fix this or give the consumer the ability to change the menu back to to something usable!


I agree the letters are two small, and under the old format I could recall telephone #


The person posting this review is absolutely correct. The very small fonts are much and the contrast between lettering and the background is too low.

Even worse is that the new "bar" (banner) area is larger than before, thereby obscuring even more of news headlines and sports scores. Fonts, contrast, and "bar" characteristics (size, opacity, etc.) should be user configurable so that they can be adjusted according to user preferences.DirecTV/ATT needs to hire some people with significant experience in designing graphical user interfaces and evaluate their designs using actual customers before releasing such a monstrosity.


The menu is too small to read, the white lettering on the black/grey contrast is straining, and who in the he!! Cares about the individual network logos.

Garbage! Get rid of it or I will.


Absolutely agree - new menu design is TERRIBLE! I CANNOT READ THE FONT. After 18 years considering changing cable company’s......


Terrible-fonts are too small to read. Should give customer a choice for new screen or to keep the old one.




I agree, the new menu sucks and I hope they change it.

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