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Your a bunch of idiots at att directv.AT&T has ruined everything about directv.

With this new guide they should be paying me to watch and use their crap. One more wrong move and I might as well go with the *** local tv spectrum.

It’s a lot cheaper and you get the same crap AT&T has brought to directv.Thanks you morans.

Review about: Directv Tv Guide.

Reason of review: Bad quality.


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Who designed this new program guide?Someone who clearly doesn't have a TV.

The font is way to small and the color scheme is hard to read.

We are done with direct tv / att


New guide sucks..

Will cancel when weather breaks and I can get an antenna..CAN'T READ THE *** THING..YOU GUYS *** IT UP..LEAVE *** ALONE


The new guide is awful, hard to navigate, cant find anything, it just sucks!Change it or we are going with another service!

Been with you for ober 20 yeats!Change it!


The new directv guide and menu blows!Can't read it!

I have2 be on my tv to see program guide!

Fix this *** or I'm gone!Directv fkn sux A$$ now!


I have filed a service ticket complaint and have heard nothing back.TOO SMALL FONTS!!!!

Can't read the damn thing! Took away "when first aired" date. TONS of wasted "Metro Style" screen real estate. Dump the little unreablable channel icons and the too little channel name for BIGGER Numbers and Channel Name.

Need BIGGER PROGRAM NAMES to be readable!!! If you think wide screen is horrible, switch to an Standard Definition channel and go to the Guide!!! HAHAHAHA, you will laugh your A$$ off!!!

This is so horrible and no way to increase the font or guide size any more. They took that away too!!!

The recorded Program List is just as bad.

It all sucks and is unreadable.

They gave me a discount and said they would fix it, but no.

I'm probably going to go ahead and cancel my subscription after being a subscriber for many years.

This system is just not usable any longer......


Take back the old menu. The bew one is sucks.


Guide is hard to read for sure.The info is even harder.

Like i want to stay a foot from the tv every time i want to know what the movie is about!Direct TV you suck!!


If it weren't for the NFL ticket there is no way I would stick with Direct TV, the new guide is ridiculous, it goes blank every time it sprinkles out, the internet connection software froze up the whole system a month ago and the only way to get tv service back was to stop the internet connection and all its functions..yes I'm still paying full price! I had Direct TV back in the early 2000's and it was great, what happened since then?


I can not believe who thought a gray background with white letters was easier to see!!!!I can barely ever read this new guide!!

Dish or rabbit ears here I come.Terminate the idiot that made the change


I agree. I can no longer read the guide. I am switching to Dish.

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