Tavares, Florida

I asked to non-renew the NFL Sunday ticket way before the lock out. I was told by two reps this was done.

I got my bill the non-renewed for the next season and not the current. A lying supervisor named Valerie said she would take care of it but did not. After 4 calls it's finally done. They can give the package away free.

We should get the same deal. Two co-workers called and got their package free. I was told you had to have had the NFL ticket for 10 years.

Neither of them did.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Deal.

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I have been informed that I spent $422.98 for two years of this turd before I finally caught it on my AT&T bill.

I also told two agents VEHEMENTLY that I hate and despise football, and I did do the cancellation.

I do review my bill every month, but those charges are buried deep in my very long bill.

Before this I liked DirecTV, but this scummy consumer behavior has poisoned my user experience. I am so pissed off I'm going to switch to Comcast.


Same Scam - I signed up for DirecTV in Oct 2012 and they put the NFL Sunday Ticket on my account even though I didn't ask for it or even want it. I called to have it removed and they said don't worry about it because it was free for my first year and I could cancel it next year.

I still asked for it to be removed and they refused. Twice again during the past year I asked that it be taken off my bill. The last call about 2 months ago, the lady said she couldn't take it off and that I would have to call back the last week of July to have it removed. Well it's the 3rd week of July and they have already bill and charged my credit card for $37.49 showing it as the first of 6 payments!!!

This is extortion pure and simple!

I called and they said they would credit my next months statement (they already have my money.) I called the BBB and they said they are getting many calls and that I should file a complaint on their web site. If everybody does this maybe we can get some action.


I have NFL sunday ticket through Direct TV. I am not pleased with it and will cancel it after this season for the following reasons; I feel that if I am paying $200, then I should be able to watch ALL of the games on the sunday ticket channels because they are in HD!

But if the game is playing on a local station, they block that game out on the Sunday Ticket channel, so you have to watch it on your local station that is not in HD. Also, I got the extra option to have it play on my iPhone so that when I'm cant be home, I can catch the game. But if it is playing on a local station, and is blocked off of the Sunday Ticket channel, then it is blocked off of the cell phone too! What a ripoff!

I called and canceled this option the day I ordered it after I tried to watch the game at work on my iPhone and was unable.

Direct TV told me that they have no control over the 'blockouts' but that the NFL makes the rules. They won't be getting my 200 bucks ever again.


Just realized I have been charged for NFL Sunday Ticket AGAIN....I was chared in Dec of 2011 Jan 2012 andFeb 2012 and was credited for those three months. I thought that was the end ..noooo.....just looked at my account and there it was again.....6 months later.....called and found out i have been charged since JUNE !!!...its the end of October...WTF...so ended up talking to top dog Dale in Colorado....turns out i shoulda called back in May....really May if I didn't want to be charged from June until today....I didnt want the channel last season, why would I want it this year and if I cancelled it and was credited in Dec, Jan, & Feb then why WHY would i want it 6 months later....turns out I was "warned" on my bill I was going to AUTORENEW....yes autorenew for something i didnt want in the first place and was credited for....again...WTF.....guess what...i dont look at my bill i pay the bill from my Ap on my phone ....

I get a bill in my po box thats my signal i need to pay......FOR WHAT IM SUBSCRIBED TO NOW......NOT WHAT I HAD LAST YEAR.....CROOKS!....glad i read the other comments because Dale never told me tonight i need to call every year im a customer if i dont want the *** nfl bs.

BTW...what football is on in MAY and JUNE .... Even my 9 year old knows thats baseball season :)


Apparently the NFL Sunday Ticket scam is part of my middle of the road package. Not only was I screwed out of it for this six months, I was informed I would have to call EVERY June for the length of my service to cancel or I would repeatedly be charged every year. Going to call the BBB, because in much nicer words, I was told tough *** and to *** off by the rep that I spoke to.


I had autobill enabled, same as Short 500 bucks from Richardson, TX....Didnt realize Sunday ticket was on the bill til it was too late. Going to better business bureau, usually win there! I didnt order it, it came free with sign-up of package.


I had auto-bill pay enabled and for the longest time was not aware that I had been paying 50 bucks a month for this NFL Sunday Ticket that I had never signed up for. I received many solicitation phone calls and declined all of them.

Now I realized why they stopped calling me. They just signed me up without my consent.


Last year we got an upgraded package which came with NFL Sunday Ticket (even though we did not want it). We decided we did not like the upgrade package and decided to cancel it and go back to a basic service.

Because the football season was already in play, we were not able to cancel the NFL Sunday Ticket till the end of the season. The rep told me that our subscription had been canceled and that we would not be billed again after the season ended. Well guess what showed up on our bill this month. NFL Sunday Ticket is back.

I'm currently going through the painful process of getting it off. Wish me luck.


We do not watch football..never have. Our bill came in higher because they added the Sunday Ticket RENEWAL (like I said we never had it)for the budgeted price spread out over several months.

They say they will credit it back to me but not until after I pay the higher bill which comes bundled through Verizon (I dislike them too) because Verizon will want to see the whole bill paid. That gives them my money for at least 30 days with no interest.

Figure this scenario with thousands & thousands of subscribers and they are making a bundle! Who says bundling doesn't pay?!!


I actually called in to cancel before the service started. Customer service rep on the other line told me, they'd give me a discount; $29.99 for two months and that's it.

The third month rolls by and I see a bill for the full price. I call into to ask what happened and was told I received the 2months of discount and the plan now reverted to the original price. I asked for the record of the rep I talked to. They couldn't/wouldn't locate her.

I asked for the recorded conversation, they didn't have that either. Plus, they charge you full price for February also.

My contract ends in August. I'll be happy to leave.


"No use for a name" must be a shill for DirecTV. Many customers are leaving DirecTV because they have been treated so badly after NFL Sunday Ticket SNAFUs.


You are a ***. The NFL Sunday Ticket is a premium offer, not just through Directv, but other dish/cable providers as well.

Here's the truth about the Sunday Ticket. You order it in some way/shape or form, therefore legally binding you to the contract or "agreement" that comes along with it. If you are not pleased with the outcome of your billing, then you should definitely exercise a little more caution before simply adding any sort of programming to your bill. The NFL Sunday Ticket CAN be given away for free, but regardless of the price if any, you still have to call in to cancel it before next years season begins or YOU WILL BE CHARGED!

Only loyal customers can obtain such a promotion. If you have missed billing cycles or fail to pay your bills on time for any reason, you will be instantly excluded from these types of promotions. If you are a new customer whom for whatever reason did NOT get the Sunday Ticket, tough luck. You'll have to wait for at least a year or so before even being considered for a free promotion of any kind.

Please do the proper research before trying to discredit any company in the future. It makes them look bad, and luckily for them it makes you look like an ***.


I had precisely the same experience. Beware of NFL Ticket! What a scam!