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Direct TV SUCKS!!! First, they take down your ability to order movies via the internet, you have to call up and they have to do it manually, and charge you an extra $1.50.

Then the signal on some (most) chanells go out, and it reads "serching for satellite signal" you call up and ask whats oing on, and they say they have to send someone and YOU have to pay either $50 or $5.99 a month as a service plan if their system (equipment) doesn't work.

In addition, they sell you a great deal for the first year, only to pass along increases along the way.

This is the biggest rip-off scheme since Bernie Madoff. I only hope my direct works whern the CEO is lead off in hand cuffs in a nationally televised perp- walk.

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

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Had a problem with my signal box, CS tells me the replacement box is free but have to pay $20 to get new box mailed. CS also spent alot of time trying sell me the benefits of that $5.99 service plan to cover their defective equipment.

I told them that if I didn't have a replacement box mailed to me at their expense, I was going to cancel and go back to cable.

I had the box 3 days later. Didn't cost me a dime.

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