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Update by user Feb 22, 2017

Still dealing with these idiots. They once again credited the account instead of putting the money on my credit card.

I'm so sick of this incompetent company. They must mess up billing on purpose in order to hold you hostage to staying with their company.

Original review posted by user Feb 06, 2017

I can't even begin to explain the *** this company puts you through with billing. Read it yourself.

This explains just this one instance. Bryan: Yes. The tracking number shows it has been received on the 3rd. We are supposed to get a refund to our credit card when received and we haven't heard anything or seen any funds returned.

Bryan: yes DirecTV: Hello! Thanks for choosing DIRECTV Chat. Christian D: Hello, my name is Christian D. I'll be happy to assist you.

Give me a moment to review your request. Christian D: Thank you for contacting DIRECTV Billing Support now part of AT&T family, ! I will be more than happy to assist you with all your concerns with your DIRECTV services today :) How are you doing today? Christian D: That's really good you are fine !Give me please a moment while I access your account.

Meanwhile would you please let me know your phone number in case we need to contact you via phone or text with information about your DIRECTV AT&T services? Christian D: That is great ! Thanks a lot for providing m e that information . Christian D: I can see that you have a question about a return kit .

Is that correct? Christian D: thank you so much for this valuable information Bryan Christian D: I will b emore thanpelased to check your account Christian D: and see if the process of the refund have started Christian D: I will be more than pleased to assist you with this providing you accurate information .Could you provide me 3 minutes to do that for you ? Christian D: Thanks a lot . You are great !

I will be back with you in a moment . Christian D: Bryan Christian D: thank you so much Christian D: for your timea and patience 2/6/2017 2/23 Bryan: no problem Bryan: That is NOT was agreed upon. The total cost of the reciever was over $200 and we had already been charged out of pocket for it and it was agreed upon via chat conversation with Direct tht all funds would be credited DIRECTLY back to the card on file. Please review the last transcript, it is all there.

Bryan: The equipment charge was $276 as per the conversation I had with a woman via phone on 11/14/2016 at 7:10am Bryan: We have paid out of pocket for this receiver and we were very very very very very very very clear on the last conversation that the $276 was to be returned to the credit card on file, and that was agreed upon, This needs to be fixed ASAP. Bryan: I made VERY sure that the conversations were conucted via chat so this would be documented and easy to refer back. Please do so, and I will wait while you do. Bryan: It is to be $276.

To the credit card on file. Nothing else. Bryan: NO THAT IS NOT CORRECT Christian D: It is really appreciated Christian D: I was checking for you Christian D: and a credit for 135.00 was applied to your account Christian D: for the receiever Christian D: It was applied to your account Christian D: 13. Non Return Fee ­ Genie adjusted on 01/06 ­135.00 Christian D: I totally understand you Bryan Christian D: I will check again the non return fee Christian D: that was credited Christian D: I can see here that the 135.00 was for the non return fee Christian D: taht was late to come 2/6/2017 3/23 Bryan: LOOK AT THE CHAT CONVERSATIONS!!!

Bryan: I have paid out of pocket the full 276 and it came from my card! Bryan: The 276 was to be refunded to my card when the receiver was received. Look at the phone call in November that I refereced above and then the converstion I had that I refereced was done via chat!!!!!!!!! Bryan: Chat transcript reference number on 12/20 is 745442937762483722 Bryan: at 6:06 pm Bryan: Look whee it says from me "I have the euipment in the box, the one you sent us.

The amount owed for it is $276 and it will be refunded to our card in 2­3 days. Yes? Then Jessie said "Yesm that is correct, Bryan Bryan: I will wait for you to figure this out and process the refund to my card. There is OBVIOUSLY a billing error because I specifically spoke to the lady in November and she gave me the exact numbers: Bryan: She said on 11/14/2016 at 7:10am "Past due after euipment returned would have been $141.54 and that we removed HBO and the other movie package and the bill is now 94 a month plus tax giving a total of 102.

Once we return the equipment worth $276 it would put our past due at $147" Bryan: I have learned with this company to take very detailed notes because this billing IS ALWAYS AN ISSUE WITH DIRECT TV. Thats why the last conversation I had was via chat and I was VERY clear in what I was asking and clarified it very clearly. Christian D: but It arrived and you received a 135.00 Christian D: thank you so much Bryan Christian D: I will take a look at this chat right now Christian D: and see what happened Christian D: do not worry Christian D: I am checking It right now Christian D: with my supervisor Bryan Christian D: thank you so much 2/6/2017 4/23 Bryan: I am going to lose it if you say anything different than what I've already been told Bryan: I have clear conversations record Bryan: NO Bryan: IN NOVEMBER GO LISTEN TO THAT CONVERSATION ON THE 14TH AT 7:10AM Bryan: I WILL WAIT Bryan: SHE SPECIFICALLY SAID WE WERE CHARGED 276 FOR THE RECEIVER AND THAT IS WHAT WE HAVE PAID Bryan: I WILL WAIT WHILE YOU PULL THAT PHONE CALL UP AND THEN COMPARE IT WITH THE CHAT TRANSCRIPT AND YOU WILL SEE THAT THEY TOLD ME 276 IS WHAT WOULD BE REFUNDED TO MY CARD! I CLARIFIED IT WITH JESSIE ON 30TH.

Bryan: IT WAS CLEARLY CLARIFIED Bryan: GO LISTEN TO THE CONVERSATION! Bryan: I'M NOT KIDDING WHEN I SAY THIS. I am waiting for you to listen to the call Bryan: If you say anything other than we are refunding your money right now and doing what the previous 2 agents told you, I'm going to lose it. Christian D: I was checking for you with my supervisor Bryan Christian D: and we checked your monthly statements one buy one Christian D: and we could see that the original charge for the equipment fee was 135.00 for non return fee Christian D: In the bill for Statement Date: 10/13/16 Christian D: wa scharged a non return fee for 135.00 Christian D: that is totally correct Christian D: Bryan I am now revewing the last chat Christian D: Please allow me a moment to review it detialed 2/6/2017 5/23 Bryan: This company is RIDICULOUS with their inability to handle billing.

It isn't complicated. Money in, money out. Too much money in? We will send the difference out.

When we leave this company it will be SOLELY for the billing problems Bryan: You can see I specifically asked in the transcript that the 276 would be refunded to the card, and they confirmed. Bryan: stop reviewing the bills and review the chat Bryan: the conversation I had where I was given the number 276 happened in NOVEMBER that was before 12/2 Bryan: it was on November 14th. So that is where that number came from! Bryan: UGH this is why your company drives me insane.

Please review the chat like i've said Bryan: LIKE I SAID THE AGENT ON 11/14 AT 7:10 IS THE ONE WHO TOLD ME THE CHARGE FOR THE EQUIPMENT Christian D: we can definitelly can review trhe chat transcrip Christian D: however , to review the call Christian D: we are rewiewing this right now for you Christian D: ] Christian D: reviewing * Christian D: I can see here that you paid Payment received on 12/02/16 ­ VISA ­276.54 Christian D: It included the non return fee and also some charges for your monthly service Christian D: I was checking for you and the total amount to be refunded was 135.00 , because It was the total charge of the equpment fee Christian D: In that case Christian D: I was doing my best to help you Christian D: and I ereviwed al the chat Christian D: and i could see here that the last agent told you about the 276.00 2/6/2017 6/23 Bryan: continue reading the chat. Bryan: You can see I confirmed that 276 was going to be refunded to my credit card on 2­3 days after receipt of the receiver Bryan: ALL REFUNDS WERE TO BE TO MY CARD Bryan: You can see that CLEARLY in the chat Bryan: I verified everything that was agreed upon Bryan: Jessie (the agent on 12/30) confirmed it Bryan: SO TWO AGENTS? Bryan: SERIOUSLY Bryan: The agent on November 14 said the SAME THING Bryan: The agent on December 30th said THE SAME THING Bryan: The call was at 7:10 am on 11/14 Bryan: Because your company has screwed me over SO MANY TIMES I keep impeccable notes when we talk Christian D: to be refunded for the non return fee Christian D: instead of the 135.00 Christian D: that was the original amount to be refunded Christian D: and actually , It was refunded Christian D: yes, I am so sorry for the misinformation the last agent provided you Christian D: and I really apologize for the inconveniences caused Christian D: trust me that I am checking and verifyng about It right now , because It is unaccepable that 2 agents provide misinformation about the real charges Christian D: yes, And I congrats you because It is really important Bryan 2/6/2017 7/23 Bryan: You can see that we had a bill on 9/28 for 114.92 then on the 13th of October a new bill for $376.93 (a difference of $262.01) and then a bill of $583.98 (a difference of $207.05 Bryan: Those differences are why I called on the 14th and that agent told me that I was charged the 276 for the receiver Bryan: AND OUR BILL ISN'T 376! Bryan: LOOK AT THE PHONE CALLS IN AUGUST AND YOU CAN SEE OUR BILL IS NOT OVER 200!!!!!

Bryan: yOUR ACCOUNTING TEAM IS COMPLETE ***! Bryan: Look at the bill on September 13 that was 102 Bryan: Then 114.92 Bryan: then 376 Bryan: then 583 Bryan: HOW DO YOU NOT SEE WHERE THE ISSUE IS!?!?!?!?!?!?! Christian D: I was taking a look at all your movements Christian D: and I could see that you were credited 10.00 for premium channels and the 135.00 for the equipment Christian D: that was the real charge for It Christian D: we also checked for you Christian D: and we really apologize for the inconvenience Christian D: But only was 135.00 for non return fee Christian D: you paid 376.00 Christian D: and It included previous payments that you did not paid Christian D: was only 135.00 2/6/2017 8/23 Bryan: That is WHY we called in November because our bill kept getting higher and higher after Tara spent HOURS on the phone getting the refund to our account from the billing errors in July Bryan: You need to pull the phone call and for once start thinking outside the box. This is beyond frustrating that I see a $200+ difference on multiple bills compare to what our bill was supposed to be, then we get it figured out and were told a $276 credit by the agent who FIGURED IT OUT in november and then by the agent who I spoke to in December and now once again you are saying we were incorrectly told Bryan: I'll wait while you pull the call from when Tara talked to the agent in November Bryan: AS DO I!

Bryan: I also have access to the notes I took and the chats I had Bryan: The reverse payment happened AFTER THE BILL DIFFERENCE OF OVER $200 Bryan: Pull the phone call Bryan: Put hte $135 back on my credit card RIGHT NOW Bryan: Then pull call and you can refund me the difference of $141 when you pull the call and see what the other agent told me Bryan: I want the $135 refunded to the card on the account RIGHT NOW. Then I want the call from November/14 pulled and listened to. Bryan: You will see what that the agent said the amount we would be refunded to our card was $276 once the receiver was received Christian D: yes, and I could see here It because I have access to all your monthly statements Christian D: i was checking for you Christian D: and I could see here that also a payment was reversed Christian D: that is the reason why some bills were not paid Christian D: and you made the payment again Christian D: In this case Bryan , as wo only can have access over chat because we hare working in a chat center , I can provide you a call back right now from a supervisor to get clarified all this situation 2/6/2017 9/23 Bryan: ABSOLUTELY NOT Bryan: I want EVERY SINGLE WORD YOUR COMPANY SAYS TO ME DOCUMENTE Bryan: DOCUMENTED Bryan: I don't trust anyone Bryan: Your company has cost my wife over 18 hours this past year trying to fix your accounting errors Bryan: Now here I am Bryan: NO Bryan: NO Bryan: NO Bryan: NO Bryan: REFUND THE CARD NOT THE DANG ACCOUNT Bryan: REFUND THE CARD. THAT HAS BEEN A CLEAR AGREEMENT Bryan: REFUND THE CARD Bryan: NOT THE ACCOUNT.

I do NOT want a credit on the account. I want my money put back on my card! Bryan: Why is this even something I have to get angry about?!? You can CLEARLY see this simple aspect in the last chat.

Bryan: I was told it would be 276 refunded to my card. Then your company refunded via a credit of $135 to my directv account which is not what was agreed upon. Not the form of credit and not the amount. Christian D: and trust me , that I was checking al;l for you Christian D: and making all the possible solutioons to have this concern solved Christian D: the refund was made to your account in a credit for 135.00 2/6/2017 10/23 Bryan: Fix this Bryan: This is the whole reason we can't be setup on autopay with your company because they can't figure anything out!

Bryan: Let me be clear in what I would like to happen. Bryan: Oh my God I'm going to lose it. That is NOT WHAT WAS AGREED UPON LOOK AT THE FREAKING CHAT! Bryan: LOOK AT IT Bryan: I was told 2­3 days Bryan: from receipt of the receiver Bryan: I expect the $135 on my credit card in 72 hours.

Bryan: You are crazy! Bryan: I didn't use a credit Bryan: You just received the receiver a couple days ago and it isn't showing on my bill Christian D: . Christian D: of course Bryan Christian D: I can make a refund request to your credit card if possible, however It could take from 7 to 14 bussiness days Christian D: id we made the refund rquest Christian D: if we made the refund request Christian D: your will be charge in your account Christian D: because the credit was applied and you already used It Christian D: so, you will get a charge for 135.00 Christian D: yes, you did , you can see it in your bill from 01/13/2017 2/6/2017 11/23 Bryan: I want my 276 back. I expect $135 back on my card in 72 hours and then when you review the call with the agent and my wife from the 14th you will see there is another 114 due and that can be refunded t othe card as well Bryan: I'm going to lose my mind if this isn't handled Bryan: I can't because it won't let me in Bryan: I'm sitting here trying to open bill after bill after bill and it Bryan: won't open Bryan: How would I have a credit on a bill from 1/13 when you didn't receive the receiver till 2 days ago???????

Bryan: Think about it. Why would there be an adjustment dated 1/06 when we didn't sent the receiver back until 2/3 Bryan: funny how 135 adjusted two times would equal 270...about the amount I was told we would get when you received the receiver Bryan: Obviously you have billing errors that need to be corrected and the money needs to be put on the credit carc asap Bryan: This is non­negotiable Bryan: Look at the chat at what was agreed on Bryan: Then pull the phone call Bryan: You will see what your company has told us. Bryan: I just pulled the bill statement date of 1/13 and I see that they credited 134 and that was BEFORE WE SENT THE RECEIVER BACK Bryan: So that was an error on your companies part Christian D: can you please check your last bill ? Christian D: because there is a credit for 135.00 Christian D: 13.

Non Return Fee ­ Genie adjusted on 01/06 ­135.00 2/6/2017 12/23 Bryan: If you'd just pull the call you can listen to the lady break down the charges Bryan: Pull the call Bryan: No. I want to be able to have all the conversation written. Bryan: I don't trust you Bryan: PULL THE CALL Bryan: I DONT NEED AN EXPLANATION! Bryan: PULL THE CALL Bryan: Then refund my card the 135 that was supposed to be refunded and send this to your supervisor to review and have them pull the call.

I expect the $135 on my card in 72 as I was promised Bryan: NO ONE better call me or my wife before pulling the november call Bryan: Plus just look at the bills! There are multiple times we were double charged for movies Bryan: Explain to me why your company gave me a credit for $135 in January Christian D: Bryan, as I kindly told you before , the company I work for credited in your bill 135.00 on 01/13/2017 It helped you to reduce the amount due Christian D: if you wish, I can connect you by phone with my supervisor Christian D: and she can explain you step by step Christian D: I am so sorry Bryan , here at billing department over chat only can review your previous chats , not phone calls Christian D: Bryan , I will be more than happy to make a refund request , then , your bill will be adjust to 304.08 Christian D: because It reverse the credit Christian D: that you got to low your bill Christian D: in 135.000 2/6/2017 13/23 Bryan: No I'm talking about the credit you keep saying you gave us in January Bryan: Why did you give us a credit in January Bryan: We hadn't returned the equipment in January so why would there be a credit for it? Bryan: BECAUSE YOU BILLED US INCORRECTLY IN THE FIRST PLACE IS WHY! I know that because of the call with the agent in November Bryan: The equipment wasn't returned till this past Friday which was February and the credit was of $135 was applied in January.

Bryan: Therefore, that is not the same credit Bryan: That is what I'm trying to get you to see! Bryan: The credit happened 1/06 but we didn't return the equipment till 2/3 Bryan: So obviously that is NOT the same credit I'm talking about which is why the $135 and $276 are different issues. Bryan: We had returned a smaller receiver box, one of the other receivers that we were being charged for Bryan: Which is probably what the $135 is. Bryan: Get past the title of the credit and look at dates.

Christian D: 135.00* Christian D: because the non return fee charge Christian D: yes, because the non return fee for equoment was 135.00 , and you get credited to your account 135.00 Christian D: Can you tell me what other reason do you think we gave you a credit for 135.00? Christian D: because you can see in your bill that is for non return fee Christian D: Bryan , again , if you wish , we can made the refund request and the credit that you receive will be reversed and placed in your credit/debit card . Remember that since It originally was placed in the account as a credit , you will be charge again and your bill will be for 304.08 and not the 167.56 that you currently have 2/6/2017 14/23 Bryan: November 14 I was told a 276 credit would be applied when a receiver was returned. I received a $135 on January 6, 2017.

I did not return the equipment that was $276 until February 3, 2017 Therefore the credits are not one and the same Bryan: Your'e accounting department is messing up royally Bryan: I was also given a credit for missed time on the bill because our service was down Bryan: I have received multiple credits on our account due to billing errors and "i'm sorry your service isn't working" Bryan: Just look at the dates That is enough evidence that the $135 credit HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS RECEIVER Bryan: YES I AM LOOKING AT! Bryan: That is where I am coming up with the dates of credits Bryan: You need to think that MAYBE JUST MAYBE this credit of $135 is not the same as the credit I'm referencing from November 14 of $276 Bryan: How would there be a credit for returning a piece of equipment before we had returned it? Bryan: Hmmmm Bryan: This is not the same piece of equipment! Bryan: We had 2 receivers that needed to be reutnred Bryan: How would there be a credit for returning a piece of equipment before we had returned it?

Christian D: could It work for you ? Christian D: yes , you receive a credit for 32.80 because time without services Christian D: again , May I know if you can see your last bill ? Christian D: Great ! there appear the non return fee credit, is that correct or not Bryan ?

Christian D: there appear the non return fee credit, is that correct or not Bryan? 2/6/2017 15/23 Bryan: We returned one receiver....the smaller one and then the large main one in February Bryan: The tech never setup the small receiver so we returned it Bryan: In July we never had the 5th reeiver setup so we were told to return it Bryan: Why would your company credit us for returning the large receiver ($276) when we hadn't even sent it back yet, please answer me that. Bryan: We were given a credit January 6, but we didn't send you the $276 receiver until February 3 Bryan: We have been being charged every month for it. Bryan: That is probably what the $135 credit is.

How the heck am I supposed to know? Your accounting is so messe up! You wouldn't have credited me $135 for the large receiver when you haven't received it yet Bryan: Thats bevause it didn't work and the tech came out and replaced Bryan: We have had 3 main family room receivers since July Bryan: What was the date of credit Christian Christian D: just to confirm, did you disconnected the 2 receivers at the same time ? Christian D: Bryan , you just were charged for one non return fee Christian D: May I know where can you see the 2cnd one ?

Christian D: did you were charged for the 2nd one ? Christian D: Can you show me where It is being applied ? Christian D: I can see here that you just disconnected the receiver that was located on the family room Christian D: so, you received a credit for the non return fee Christian D: and that is all Christian D: if you wish I can make the refund request 2/6/2017 16/23 Bryan: What was the dte of credit Bryan: Answer my questions please. What was the date of credit?

Bryan: and what was the date you received the receiver back from us? Bryan: The family room receiver, what date did your receive that from us? Bryan: Sure do. One second Bryan: 420569509202394653003390875857 Bryan: It was a USPS that transferred to Fedex as per the shipping label your company gave us Bryan: What date do you see as the date you received the receiver?

Bryan: I pulled it up and copied and pasted DIRECTLY from the page Christian D: if not , you can leave the credit in your account Christian D: what option would you like to take ? Christian D: teh date of credit was on 01/06/2017 Christian D: Bryan, do you have the tracking number when you sent the equipment Christian D: ? Christian D: thank you so much Bryan Christian D: :) Christian D: that is fro fedex correct ? Christian D: Bryan, I check It for you at and USPS .com and It appears that the tracking number is not found Christian D: we do not have that date Christian D: that is why I am asking 2/6/2017 17/23 Bryan:

tRef=fullpage&tLc=1&text28777=&tLabels=420569509202394653003390875857 Bryan: There is the link showing all of it! I can even email you the receipt for proof of tracking Bryan: We used the shipping label your company provided us Bryan: So what is the date you show you received the family room receiver? Bryan: FEBRUARY 3 and we were given a credit for SOMETHING ELSE January 6. Bryan: These are TWO DIFFERENT CREDITS OBVIOUSLY which is why the amounts are not the same as what the previous agents have told us about.

Bryan: Specfically the call from November Bryan: that is a lie! Bryan: THAT IS NOT TRUE Bryan: YOUR COMPANY IS THE MOST ABSURD COMPANY I'VE EVER DEALT WITH. Bryan: Credit my CREDIT CARD THE $135 TODAY. Christian D: can checking that now , thank you so much Christian D: Bryan , yes , I have checked and I can see that is correct Christian D: so , the credit that you received Christian D: is for the non return fee charged because we made an escalation when you ask for the refund request Christian D: that is why you received the credit earlier Christian D: so, again, what do you think is the credit of 135.00 posted in your account ?

Christian D: sure , we can made the refund request Christian D: It could take from 7 to 10 bussiness days 2/6/2017 18/23 Bryan: I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT YOU ARE DOING ON YOUR END AND WHY THERE WOULD HAVE BE A 135 CREDIT WHEN I WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE RECEIVED A 276 CREDIT WHEN THE RECEIVER WAS RECEIVED. Bryan: No Bryan: I was told 2­3 days. Bryan: 2­3 Bryan: look at the chat transcript Bryan: I was told 2­3 for $276 Bryan: now you are saying 7­10 for $135 Bryan: no Bryan: not acceptable Bryan: Give me the money back to card and review the call then someone with the ability to have an accounting team review everything can figure this out. Bryan: and you don't think you are telling me wrong information?

That seems more plausible considering I was given a credit for something we hadn't returned yet! Bryan: I want the $276 refunded to my card. Bryan: That is what I was told I was charged. Bryan: This $135 credit makes zero sense and I know dang well your company doesn't refund money for equipment that hasn't bee nreceived Bryan: FOR WHAT Christian D: to get It refund in your credit account Christian D: The agent gave you misinformation , that is why I am telling you that the refund is for 135.00 Christian D: sure, let me make the refund request Christian D: I am so sorry Bryan, It was only for 135.00 2/6/2017 19/23 Bryan: wHATEVER.

Give me my $135 back on my card. I want the supervisor of accounting ALL OVER THIS AND THE PHONE CALL FROM THE 14TH WITH MY WIFE Bryan: I want this figured out. I'll be filing a complaint against the company. I know you have tons of them regarding the inability to have accounting down correctly Bryan: Your company would NEVER give me a credit for the family room receiver if it hadn't received it.

That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard Bryan: We had two receivers Bryan: One smal Bryan: One large Bryan: YES I SEE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bryan: Refund my money now. Bryan: Open the case up and have someone with the ability to pull the call handle it Bryan: I'm done talking circles with you. You refuse to think you might be wrong and the other two agents might be right Bryan: Someone who refuses to look at the WHOLE picture is absolutely pointless to talk to Bryan: BECAUSE I WAS TOLD WE WOULD RECEIVE 276 ONCE WE RETURNED THE LARGE FAMILY ROOM RECEIVER Bryan: I SENT IT BACK FRIDAY Christian D: because the charge for the non return fee was for 135.00 , and you can see that in your statement from 10/13/2016 Christian D: can you see that bill please ?

Christian D: so, if there appear a charge for 135.00, why did you asked for a refund for 276.00 ? Christian D: sure , if you wish my supervisor can call you knwo Christian D: now 2/6/2017 20/23 Bryan: SO I SHOULD GET 276 FOR THE FAMILY ROOM RECEIVER Bryan: I can't even believe your company Bryan: no I don't want to talk to someone on the phone after this. They can review the call from 11/14, the chat transcripts from the previous chat and this and they can figure it out. Bryan: I'll expect the $135 on my credit card in 72 hours.

Bryan: Then when they see what is going on they can credit me the additional remaining amount to get me the $276 that we were originally told Bryan: I will be filing a complaint with FCC when this chat is done today. Bryan: NO Bryan: I WAS TOLD 2­3 DAYS BY JESSIE AND IT WAS RECEIVED ON FRIDAY Bryan: NO Bryan: 2­3 DAYS Bryan: THAT IS WHAT WAS TOLD TO ME REGARDING THE REFUND Bryan: Look at the chat trascript Bryan: 2­3 days for the refund Bryan: to my card. That is what was said. Bryan: Not my proble, Bryan: Your company said 2­3 days and it has been 2­3 days.

It isn't my problem that you messed up and credited the account and not my credit card. Bryan: You also messed up the credit amount which isn't my fault either. Christian D: as I kindly provided you before , the process take from 7 to 10 business days Christian D: Is there anything else I can help you with? I'd be glad to assist.

Christian D: the refund take actually 7 to 10 business days 2/6/2017 21/23 Bryan: So I'll expect the refund of $135 in 2­3 days. Bryan: To the credit card on file Bryan: I will expect the supervisor to review the call from November, all the chat transcripts since November and any calls from December to now. They can call my wife. Bryan: When will the refund be in my account?

Bryan: They can call her after they have reviewed everything. Bryan: YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME Bryan: 2­3 DAYS CHRISTIAN Bryan: 2­3 DAYS Bryan: HAVE YOUR SUPERVISOR CALL MY WIFE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bryan: CANCEL IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bryan: ALL OF IT Bryan: CANCEL THE SERVICE Christian D: Bryan, the refund request was already done Christian D: Is there anything else I can help you with?

I'd be glad to assist. Christian D: Thank you for waiting, I truly appreciate your patience. Christian D: sure , when would you like the call back ? Christian D: the refund take 7 to 10 business days Christian D: the refund take 7 to 10 business days Christian D: Is there anything else I can help you with?

I'd be glad to assist. Christian D: sure , working on It right now 2/6/2017 22/23 Bryan: I'M FILING WITH THE FCC Bryan: THIS IS RIDICULOUS Bryan: I WAS VERY CLEAR Bryan: CANCEL IT ALL Bryan: COME GET YOUR EQUIPMENT OUT OF MY HOUSE RIGHT NOW Bryan: ALL OF IT Bryan: no Bryan: cancel it all Bryan: CANCEL IT Bryan: YOU HAVE COMPETELY MESSED THIS WHOLE THING UP EVEN MORE THAN IT ALREADY WAS Bryan: ALL OF IT Bryan: You could have made this a lot easier and fixed it all if you would have pulled the call. Now you have made everything way worse. Bryan: I want your equipment out of my house.

Bryan: have your supervisor call Tara. Bryan: This is ridiculous Bryan: I can't believe you Bryan: I'm so infuriated right now with the way this has been handled. Your company is the biggest joke I've ever seen. Christian D: sorry , we are working in the call back, not in cancel your account Christian D: In that case , if you would like to cancel your account Christian D: I will connect you with the right department to cancel It 2/6/2017 23/23 Bryan: I have printed this conversation.

I will submit this to the FCC and your supervisor can look at the account. I can not believe the way you have processed this refund.

You made everything worse than it was when we started the chat. Bryan: Call my wife Christian D: could you provide me a phone number where my supervisor can contact you ?

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $276.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Directv Cons: Billing customer service.

  • billing discrepancy
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