Richardson, Texas

Hello i am Louis Kuntzmann at 205 Harvard Princeton TX 75407 and i moved from Oregon In December a gentleman came to my home selling your service a few days after i got here. I was told that i would get free installation with a dvr and the other two receivers but only basic ones were installed he was out of the dvr and said call in and they will exchange it i did but the installation wasn't complete and he wanted $50 for dropping a line i called and was told i would get a call from another installer to fix this and was told they would follow up with me the next day. This never happened I have never received a bill and we have just lived with this but still not happy so i get a call about the bill they are resending it to me and explained the bill then passed me over to the department for getting the DVR situation fixed after being on hold again for a long time and dealing with the fist person I asked for a supervisor because of all the lies i had Benn told and just wanted to get the dvr i was promised in and set up i was told the first time i called when the guy wanted the $50 that it wouldn't cost me anything but then a total *** of a rep gets on the phone named Nester hes the supervisor and immediately tells-me me this wont be fixed and if i want to order one it will cost like all most $200 plus $50 for install i am in sales and marketing and if i don't here back i will market the *** service to all i know please look up my account by the address and contact me because service of such is outrageous sincerely Louis

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Installation.

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Dear Anonymous, I thought she spoke better than you Migrants.


It would be much easier to sympathize with you if your narrative was more clear. I'm having a hard time figuring out what happened due to your poor grammar.

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