I have less than 2 inches of snow and no tv service.I called directv I was told due to the weather I can not get a signal.

I said what weather its just a little snow and I was told by directv I have to climb on top of my roof to clean off the snow or wait until the snow melt. I have a long winter without tv. The technical support service was terrible they would not trouble shot to see if that would help my situation. They just blamed the weather.

no tv on christmas day.merry christmas directv.

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:( same here it is 11/23/11 having a snow storm and lost my direct tv. called them all they say is wait till the snow melts. a very long winter with out tv I see...


No service during the 12/25 storm, then a couple of hours the morning of 12/26, then nothing but a 771 error.Tech service (three calls) was totally unhelpful.

This company does not give a d...about its customers.

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