Sumner, Washington

Yes we are all paying the same price for our Direct tv and the local channels we were promised. It angers me no Idol No super bowl and I would not have even signed up for Direct TV if I knew I was not getting the local channels I was promised!

I watch Fox a lot. I will go back to dish if I have to and sue for not getting the local channels I was promised.

So I hope others may be interested in doing something about it as well. So folks what do you think we should do?

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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It burns me when you give a company years of loyalty and your money and they return that loyalty by jerking us around with the channels. Fox owns my local channel 13 and I want that channel on my tv!

Its my NASCAR!Plus lots more.

Might as well bundle my phone and internet with some CABLE. Couldn't cost more than the $200.00 I give DTV EVERY Month.

Give me back my channel 13! I will join in on a class action suit.


I have had nothing but problems with them from the start. Then they have been calling and calling for me to receive 3 months of something.


now I see it was a pre- cancel FOX channel thing. I want in on what every one else is going to do.

Kent WA


They should let me out of my contract.

Because they broke my contract with them,

I say we all should take DIRECTV to court.


this is so frustrating!

i want out of our contract for their lies and false advertising!

we have power in nbrs everone! we must fight them!


I say we sue. They (direct tv) want 300.+ for early cancelation fee for them defaulting on my contract stating I receive fox. CLASS ACTION sign me up!!!!!


I do not like direct tv we are cancelling ours and reporting them to BBB for lying about our rates and having poor poor customer service.