Salt Lake City, Utah

I have worked for, or dealt with, AT&T for over 40 years. And let me state they have never had any loyalties to anyone or thing. I likewise have no loyalty to them. So.....I have no problem switching carriers, if you can't get me NBC, I have a cable box in my front yard. And a place to put a new dish. I just as soon not, I've been with Directv a long time, but I hate att's attitude of I don't care who I steam roll. So if you don't get it resolved, it's goodbye DTV, and hello someone else.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I'll get you out of this mess with directv!


The PROBLEMS Are The LDS CHURCH AND KSL, NOT DIRECTV! Send NBC an email and strongly insist they dump KSL as their affiliate and sign a network that cares about their customers!! There is not a worse network in the country then ksl!!




You can still get any NFL game televised on KSL 5 if you have the NFL app and Chromecast. Just cast your phone video to Chromecast. Works awesome!!!

Travis H.


I'll be switching as well. Have dtv in all five of my houses.

20 different receivers with the premium package. I've been a customer for over 15 years.


Let me help you with your switch!


There acting in their own best interest, no interest in the customer. Switching to Dish this week.

Their customer service and web site is a joke.


I agree. Why has Comcast and Dish able to negotiate and have a contract with KSL? I just ordered Direct TV and am about to make a change to Dish or Comcast if this isn't fixed shortly.


I understand you been so upset but DTV is the only carrier with better entertainment at least for me. Hopefully ATT decides to treat their clientele better. It's the first time since I have DTV that I have a problem like this.


We are lost without channel 5, KSL, NBC, I keep calling Direct TV and no one can seem to give me a straight answer on when they are getting it back, I am giving them a week then I am going to call Dish Network and get service through them, I live in Moroni, Utah and we love channel 5 and we will not stand for not having it, we pay over $81.00 per month for Direct TV and no channel 5 now, no NBC, they have some super shows and we love to watch the Local News as well, KSL. PLease everyone call Direct TV and complain so we can get channel 5 back on!!!!!!


I can get you all fees waived for a new carrier. Let me help you!


Direct T V is a very poor value, no "Pac. 12" and now no NBC station.


Well let me give you the real story, the local NBC station told DirecTV you can no longer give our signal (you know the same ones they give away already) unless you pay a 110% increase to us for the right DirecTV is saying that is too much well then they pull the signal to motivate you to call DirecTV and demand they give into NBC's demands, that is what the "sheepole" are doing I live in Colorado why should my bill go up for someone in Utah or California to watch their local station people should be directing their anger at the NBC station they are the ones who pulled the station and if they give the OK it will take them 20 minutes to put it back up


I agreed 100% with you!!!!!


Everyone goes into contract negotiations. Comcast, time warner, directv, verizon.

Everyone. So the reason why you're not getting NBC is because NBC is requesting too much money. Directv does not want to increase your bill. You go to another company, BAM same thing will happen.

Don't blame att for the broadcasters. And yes, NBC will loose a lot of money too.

So I highly doubt it'll be permanent. Pick up a book and stop relying on TV for you're sole entertainment.


I also will be switching if I don't get NBC back within 1 week.


KSL in number 2 or 3 in the ratings. KSL news is nothing but stories about the LDS Church, with a few exceptions. The NBC station does not deserve a 110% increase in payments from DIRECTV.