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No Channel 5/KSL/NBC in Utah for almost a week now?? I keep calling Direct TV and no one can seem to give me a straight answer on when they are getting it back, I am giving them a week then I am going to switch to Dish Network and get service through them. I we adore channel 5/NBC/KSL and we will not stand for not having it, we pay over $82.00 per month for Direct TV and we have had no channel 5 now, no NBC, no KSL, for almost a week now & they have some great shows & we love to watch the Local KSL News as well.

(Please everyone in Utah, please work together and call Direct TV and complain so we all can get channel 5 back on ASAP!!)

Reason of review: No NBC/KSL (Channel 5)?.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: Deceptive sales practices, Lack of solutions to problems.

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I'm also a channel 5 person. The Holidays are coming up and they have shows that I like to see that's new or a re-run, I love my Holiday shows, so get Channel 5 or I will change over to Dish network!!!!!

to Anonymous #1583906

I am very disgusted that I can't receive what is FREE to antenna users, and I pay over $160.00 a month. I have bought a converter box and an antenna just to watch ONE channel.

Channel 5.

ie Bonneville Corporation is holding out for more money, like as if the LDS owned company NEEDS an extra dollar! I hope my favorite shows come out on DVD, so I never have to watch Channel 5 again!


But yet they keep charging you for the station this makes me mad I’m am about dump all paid type TV, the Internet is out there and you can get any channel or any program you want to. Quit letting these people hold us hostage.


Directv is run by liberals, I'm not surprised that they suck.


Direct tv is the worst they are a bunch of liars don’t care about anything or anyone but there selves pissed off


You bet I'm pissed off!...Sunday's are my kickback and NASCAR with beer and pizza day.. then get on with my life..these greedy that I pay to much for take it away.

Now correct me if I'm wrong but as far as I can see it's not directv it's the contract owner or something...WAIT!...I FOUND IT..DAMN SHOULD HAVE KNOWN ....{{redacted}}!..say's it all friends..I'll let U read..and check back later.. It is the flagship television property of Bonneville International, the for-profit broadcasting arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church).

KSL-TV's studios are located at the Broadcast House building in Salt Lake City's Triad Center, and its transmitter is located on Farnsworth Peak in the Oquirrh Mountains, southwest of Salt Lake City. The station has a large network of broadcast translators that extend its over-the-air coverage throughout Utah, as well as portions of Arizona, Idaho, Nevada and Wyoming.


Hi, I have been dealing with Directv for over 20 years, and the first thing I learned was Local channels Like KSL NBC Channel 5 that broadcast over the air for free and receive payment to keep them up and running are from sponsors like Larry H Miller Smiths food and drug etc. and when cable companies decided to air their programing they sat down and paid the local channel Ksl $$ to broadcast there station over there cable network.

and every time their contract comes due. they have to sit down and write up a new. And of course KSL wants more Money for something that is already paid for and aired for free. I understand That KSL should get a piece of the pie.

However it *** me off that when ever these stations want more money they BLOCK the customers that keep there station running.

WHY cant you people do all this BS behind the scenes and keep the customers local and cable satisfied. The new fall season is coming really soon from a paying customer who pays your wages let get it done.

to pissed off joe #1583911

I couldn't agree more!


You need to do whatever you have to,to get ksl back on the lineup I pay for this channel so but it back on.


No NBC ? What a bonus !

Did you have to pay extra ? How about MSNBC ? The best I could do with them was remove them from my channel scan.

Lucky you ; let's start a movement - Away with The Nothing Broadcasting Company. Take The Almost Broadcasting Company and the Crummy Broadcasting System with them ....


I am another ticked off customer with direct tv century link. I get nbc back or I'll go to another company.

And between century link, phone and t.v. I pay 300 a month.

Fed up. Was this set up because of elections coming up?

Fillmore, Utah, United States #1350135

We lost channel 5 also on just regular tv. We don't have cable or dish. It's the one channel I watch she's am wondering what happened


Dish network does not have channel 5 now neither so if you go to them you won't get that channel which is so unfair!


Directv sucks


Now that AT&T have joined with Direct Tv. We pay over $400.00 a month.

And now we can't get or enjoy the channels we have had for years. But yet we have to pay to support The Kardashins or I Am Cait. Just doesn't' seem fair. We won't switch to Dish.

But are seriously thinking about Comcast. We really don't want to switch at all. We have had Direct Tv for five years.

Come on ksl. Get it together.


Call me..I retail for both dtv and dish.....801.835.4633


I am fine without KSL if the owner’s insist on being so greedy. I never paid for NBC before so why start now’s does not offer anything I watch anyway, I can get my NBC channels online.

My mother does not get cable and she does not have to pay for NBC, so why should I have to pay extra for it. Please “Direct TV- DO NOT GIVE IN” to the higher charges that will be passed on to me.

Doing fine without KSL. Thank you for your excellent service and for watching out for your customers.


KSL's public image is taking a huge hit here. It is a church-owned station and they already extract a sizeable tithing from their church members.

Now they want the rest of us to start dumping more money into their collection plate. If they ever allow their station to return to DirecTV, the only viewers they will have left will be The Faithful. How can NBC allow that?

It has become painfully evident that all they care about is the bottom line. Their actions prove they care little if anything about the viewers.


Who's being greedy? KSL makes their money from advertisers, the more people watching KSL, the more they can charge their advertisers so Directv is doing KSL a service by putting their channel in more homes AND they are paying KSL retransmission fees but that's not enough for KSL, they want more.

That's GREED pure and simple.

If Directv caves in these negotiations what do you Channels 2, 4, and 13 are going to do when their contracts are up? Then what's going to happen to your Directv bill?


By KSL's own account, they want every DirecTV subscriber in Utah to buy them an extra pizza a year to retain KSL. That's about 220,000 pizzas a year, or over 600 pizzas a day...over and above the pizzas we already provide.

Who gets fat off of that deal?

DirecTV isn't the villain here. Personally, I've discovered I can get along just fine without KSL.

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