Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Called cs talked to a guy and he talked me thru some things. No service. He trans me on to another guy. Talked me thru pretty much same stuff. No service still. He said can get a tech out . Earlist is thursday...WHAT!!! Sorry but its monday and the time was *** and unexceptable. Will try on our own to fix and would cancel if we figure it out but I may be wanting out of contract. Only had the *** service since dec 2012.had cable almost 20 years and was *** and signed with directv. I am not paying for service Im not getting.and no tv for 4 days. My husband is out of workgive him a job he would fix it before thursday. Grrrrrrr!!!!! Your company has lousy customer service and lack of help puts us the consumer in a spot. You are losing a lot of customers this way

Katherine ellenwood


You can look up my acct#

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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Well if your husband had all his appointments booked with other customers i am sure he would not simply cancel someones apppointment they already booked just to move up some other person who felt entitled to jump line and move ahead. Everyone is equal and appointments are first come first served


Blue no signal is your tv not directv.if it was directv it would say 771 or 775 for no signal .CHANGE YOUR INPUT ON THE TV