We often get messages that our satellite looses signals. We are always receiving this message and without service.

It takes about 1 hour or longer to restore service. This is a real inconvenience when you are watching a program. I have my granddaughter sometimes and she really get upset when she cannot watch her programs, and so do I. I will not renew my contract with you when my contract is up.

I have not been satisfied with your service since the day that I got it.

I have been stuck with your service for almost two years and cannot wait until April 2014 to cancel my service. Besides that, you keep playing the same movies over and over.

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Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #678194

Wow not a customer of direct tv but seriously questioning if I'd want to be if my concerns will be considered crying by some *** in Denver co. Uncalled for! I will stick with dish or twc I guess!!

Denver, Colorado, United States #677325

Ok, lets see have you called to get a service call out there to check your dish my guess no, that should be your first option how can DTV fix a problem if they know nothing about it? Next your going to cry about having to pay for that service call, well add the protection plan to your account $7.99 real 24/7 coverage for all problems, DTV has 30+ million customers so if you want to leave I personaly welcome that, why don't you take the time to get your service fixed instead of going on line and crying about bad service, here is an example for you, My electricity goes out on monday, I decide not to call the power company until WED they come out and fix it on wed, do I have a right to complain that my service was out for 3 days? Another thing for you to consider is that you can get upgraded w/o a new agreement you just need to make sure that you ask for a no contract upgrade


Remember if you have or will accepted any kind of updates regardless of the reason during the 2 years this will extend your contract for another 2 yrs. Be wise get a tracking # when returning their equipment.

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