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Direct tv is not working and I called customer service.They could not fix the issue on phone.

Needed to send someone out to fix. My choice was 12-4 tomorrow or if I needed morning they would not be here till sat. First this is an inconvenience to me not having tv and now they expect me to *** work all afternoon tomorrow just to get my cable fixed. If the time was 4-7 it's a little more realistic.

Then I would still pay for service those days.

They definetly are not customer friendly.God I hope AT&T doesn't bye them it could ruin AT&T image.

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lol she can't have a credit since her bill is already in default, the food stamps are not worth what they wuz a week ago


Hmmm technicians work normal days like other is a luxury. Geesh, it would be really convenient for me if doctors, dentists, and stores like the mall were open over night because I have to *** work to go any of those places or I wait until my dsy off....oh did you even ask for a credit on your bill..I bet not

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