Auburn, Alabama

Century Park Apartments 1801 Century Blvd Opelika, AL

First we have 80 tenants, some with Direct TV service, some have moved out and left their Satellite Dish behind. After speaking with Direct's TV customer service today, I was advised that it is our responsibility to dispose of the dishes you installed.

This is a high end complex but yet we have your satellite dishes all over the property and really causing an eye sore. I find it hard to believe that Direct TV could care less about their equipment than that. It seems to me that you would pick up your equipment, service if necessary and use it again. However to my understanding this is not the case.

Secondly we have had damage to the walls etc upon installation.

Once again they did not want to hear this either. We have no choice but to stop Direct TV from being installed in our apartment complex and are at the moment giving tenants a notice to find another provided because their equipment will no longer be able to be on our property.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Installation.

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I will remove them for 400 dollars each

call me


the account holder owns the dish...charge them for the removal. and not allowing directv is your choice...but ban dish as well they are the same


Would you call DirecTV if a tenant left a couch in a unit, it is the same thing once a dish is installed it becomes the property of the account holder so why punish the good tenants for the ones that didn't pick up their trash


Good for you! Also send Direct TV a registered letter advising them that if they don't remove abandoned equipment by a date which you give in the letter, you will begin charging them a storage fee ($200.00 per day should get their attention). Also advise them that you will be charging them for any repairs necessary because of their poor work.