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Discovery channel....Life Below Zero. Won't let me fast forward through commercials!

You are going to lose many customers over this! Plus, you are converting channels I originally purchased to pay channels or you are just removing them. You have made me mad! I'm looking for another service provider!

I just tried to post my succinct and to-the-point review, but your system won't let me do it unless I write 100 words. Really? What more can I say than what is in the first paragraph? Do you really think I need 100 words to tell you why I am mad at you?

I have, at this point, very little recourse other than to fire you and look for a company that doesn't play these games. Are you listening?

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Directv Pros: Ease of recording.

Directv Cons: Changesremoving programs or making them ppv.

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I started watching a recorded episode of one of my favorite shows night before last...with no problem...there were NO ADS...then I tried watching the rest of the same recorded show last night...I WAS HORRIFIED to find there were now ads attached. I was not able to FAST FORWARD through them like we have ALWAYS DONE if need be...They were not even entertaining...but rather annoying.

Now, I will have to rethink things through as far as who I pay for services. I did not sign up to have the luxury of FAST FORWARD taken away from me. We (The WORLD) pay Directv quite alot of money to be a good Cable provider, through the years (MANY), I have stuck with you even though your service has been dwindling downhill; ever since merging with ATT. Yet your prices continue to go up and up, and now you have found ways to make even more money; by forcing the public to watch what they #DO NOT WANT TO WATCH!

This is outrageous action on your part! You must have read the book by George Orwell...1984


I feel your pain on this - Philo has now started playing commercials that I can't fast forward through. One show this morning let me fast forward 8 seconds at a time! All that did was tick me off even more!


Been screwing customers for years . They’ve promised rate reduction when you try to cancel .

Then the bill mysteriously creeps up .

They keep you on hold for hours . Can’t find the records from your last conversation.,will switch today .


I am in the market to see if I can switch, today I thought I got them to quit charging me $10 per month because of the service change only to find out they quit my DVR service all together. I voiced my opinion to them and they have heard many customers have this complaint.

at this moment I turned DVR back on BUT I WILL be searching for a better alternative. I am pretty upset over this.


I agree completely. Not only is DirecTV too expensive but now they are pandering to their advertisers and not allowing you to fast forward through many of your recorded shows on your DVR.

It is ridiculous and this is just another nail in the coffin that will lead to the demise of DirecTV and the traditional cable providers. They have no idea how to compete in the marketplace.


Tried going from uverse to Direct tv now! Very disappointing!

Favorites category under Guide show up on computer but not when using Apple remote.

Cannot fast forward through commericals when recorded. Non starter for me.


Fast forwarding commercials is why I record shows. How do I get this function back?


I am firing them Monday! I pay way too much a month to be forced to watch commercials.

Do you get it Direct TV, I Paid! I remember watching free TV, The commercials paid for the content then.

I Pay for it now! As in brought to you by ME!



What 's the point!!??? Time to start looking for a new service!!!

@Lynne Lohr

If I can’t fast forward through commercials on my recorded shows, I am dropping you like a hot potato, Directv!! Why the heck do you think I record them?!

Time to rent my shows off Netflix etc like everybody else has already done!!

I’d rather buy the full seasons on DVD off Amazon for crying out loud! It would still be cheaper than Directv !!


I probably am leaving because of this too!!!!


I hate i cant fast forward through Commercials on recorded programs. It makes it not worth the money to have this


I AGREE 100% !!! But in order to make changes that we want to see, the public would have to take back their Power ...

instead of giving it away to the world of Programming...

and FIRE their Cable services... This unfortunately is very unlikely...Why do you think they call it PROGRAMMING?


ATT is kind of like a political party. They are owned and operated to force you to obey. They will not win.


If I can't fast forward past commercials on recorded programs, it will end my many years with DirecTV. I'm paying $200.00 per month and I can't fast forward?


Yes DIRECtV sucks since att took over, give me cable back


This is so annoying not only can I not fast forward through commercials that I have recorded but what’s most annoying is it’s the same friggin commercial over and over and over to the point where I I’m starting to hate this stuff advertised an example Wayfair and Gwennie Bee and it’s not their fault yours !!!!!!


You need to change this not being able to fast forward through commercials immediately! This defeats the purpose of recording shows for me! We will have to check out dish network


I used to be able to fast forward through commercials on recorded shows/ movies. I liked being able to watch the show in less time that way!!!!! I have two little girls so my time is valuable to me!


My husband & I are in our 80s,and not very mobile, so we watch a lot of TV, but we, too, are so disappointed with DIRECT TV now that we have to wait thru SO MANY commercials. We, too, will disconnect our Direct TV service.