New Berlin, New York
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We wanted to switch from Time Warner to DirecTV to save money on a bundle plan. A DirecTV rep said DirecTV partners with Frontier Communications in our area to provide phone and

internet portion of the bundle plan. PROBLEM #1 -- DirecTV rep said that

unlimited calling to Canada was included with the phone service in the bundle

package, but after signing up we learned this is not true. Big issue as we have

family in Canada. PROBLEM #2 -- DirecTV rep said multiple times during signup

process that we could keep our existing phone #. But Frontier installed/switched

our phone and internet service today, and we discovered afterwards that our

phone number is now different. The guy from Frontier never said anything about a new phone number. We immediately called Frontier and not only did

they say there's no guarantee we'll get our phone # back, they said they don't

even partner with DirecTV! We then called DirecTV and after an hour on the phone

with multiple reps and supervisor, they now say they don't partner with Frontier

and the phone # issue is our problem to deal with through Frontier. DirecTV is

taking ZERO responsibility for leading us into this mess. To top it all off, we

have also been experiencing consistent technical issues with the DirecTV

receiver box freezing up in our living room and have had to call and set up another

appointment for a service man to come to our house. More time wasted in addition to all of the time on the phone calling Frontier and DirecTV. In the

end, despite all of the above issues and all of our time wasted, the supervisor

at DirecTV offered us a $5/month discount for three months ($15 total!) for this huge

inconvenience. We're left with numerous problems and losing our phone # will

create many more. A WORD OF ADVICE --- DO NOT EVER SIGN UP WITH DIRECTV. The grass is not greener.

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Lewis Center, Ohio, United States #910407

Do not ever sign up with DIRECTV Plans from $24.99/ mo (1yr)

They screw the peaple and put you on hook for 2 years with their big conselation fee.

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