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March 27, 2019

RE: Formal Complaint (Technical Contractor)

DirecTV Corporate Office

2230 E. Imperial Highway

El Segunda, CA 90245

To Whom It May Concern:

Yesterday afternoon Tuesday March 26, 2019, a DirecTV technician parked his truck, which obstructed my vehicle from safely exiting my driveway. I was on my way out to an appointment and attempted to exit without incident I knocked on the back door of the home that he was working on and honked my horn to get his attention. After several minutes of no result, I began to take pictures of the vehicle and license plate to file a police report. The individual (Tall heavy African-American man about 6 feet tall with a short gray and dark brown afro. He proceeded to hurl insults at me when I asked him to please move is vehicle and I told him he did not have a legal right to obstruct private property. I noticed he had a DirecTV uniform and proceeded to tell him that what he was doing is wrong. His Pennsylvania license plate is YSH-5204 white truck with a ladder on the top. He was aggressive and extremely unprofessional, I hope that this is not a representation of what potential customers are to expect from DirecTV. I would appreciate when DirecTV has technicians servicing customers to be mindful of not imposing or violating the rights and property of their neighbors. I hope your corporate office will address this individual, I did not feel safe to ask his name and now that he knows where I live if any incident should take place in retaliation to my family or my property I will contact local law enforcement and publicize this matter. Please address this individual so that future workers are aware to not obstruct private property. I hope to hear from your team at the earliest convenience to see that this matter was addressed with that individual. My direct email is


Shekhinah B.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Obstructing Private Property.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Directv Cons: Sorry customer service, Difficulty contacting by phone.

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