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We were sent an offer from Direct TV to come back with offer code WBK11. The offer consisted of 145 channels for 19.99 per month, free installation and a $200 visa reward card.

We called back in February 2016 to take the offer. We had issues with getting the service at our new house because we had so many trees. The tech came out and told us that a clear line of sight could not be obtained so we estimated where the best place to put the dish would be and figured out which tree would need to be cut down. The following week we had the tree cut down and direct came out on 3/16/16 and installed the dish and our service.

Part of the terms of the WBK11 offer code was to register online (which I did), go paperless billing (which I did) and sign up for auto pay (which I did). First bill came and it was more than what the offer was for. So I called (every month for 4 months) because no one could get the bill correct. I would tell the reps each time this was a come back offer and they seemed to be clueless.

I would also inquire about the $200 card and again clueless. Finally they sent me to a supervisor who assured me that the bill would be fixed and the $200 reward card would be received within 6 to 8 weeks. Mind you, paperless billing, auto pay, and registered online all had to be completed prior to 4/16/16 per the fine print and were completed by end of March 2016. It is now the MIDDLE OF AUGUST AND I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED THE $200 REWARD CARD.

My billing finally was corrected, but I have yet to receive the $200 visa reward card. Not only have I been lied to the last time I called regarding the card in which the rep escalated the call and I was on the phone for 45 minutes and told that the card would be received within 2 to 4 weeks, but Direct DOES NOT MAKE GOOD on what they offer their customers. I have had nothing but issues with them since we returned in March 2016. I am extremely unsatisfied with my return to Direct.

I have called numerous times, been lied to numerous times and it literally makes me sick. Once the 24 month agreement from the lovely come back offer WBK11 is up, I'm switching to DISH.

Beware all who receive an offer from Direct. As the old saying goes, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Reason of review: poor customer service, did not make good on their offer to come back, billing issues.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Same issue here


Dropped Directv after 16 years and switched to Dish. Now they are all over us with special offers.

If they had treated us like a valued customer we would not have left. You would think these companies would learn.

Treat your loyal customers as well as new customers. Simple reasoning.

@Char roadway

Same here after 18 yrs, the last yr with them they jerked me around, call back next month for discount over and over, before 2018, easy to work with, but after that ***


Trying to RETURN to Direct from Spectrum. However Direct has already lied to me on three different occasions regarding me receiving documentation via email.

The fourth person more or less said the previous three lied to me and Direct will not send my plan costs via email before the install.

Install is scheduled three days from now.

Will probably cancel installation.

Dealing with these people is like being in an abusive relationship!


I am glad I read this reviews before I commit to a 2 year services. I received the same offer to comeback and it was tempting.

I will stay with what I already have.

I paid for installation but I can cancel at any time. Worth every penny.


Going through same thing. Its a BAIT AND SWITCH deal. We should have stayed where we were.


Because of the review we will not be going with them. We will wait for another company to give us an offer.


I heard from Spectrum formerly Time Warner after one month with Direct they will buy out the contract, I am going to do that in California, I just told them I was going to take them to small claims court, there tech told me cut branches back to install which I did costing 600 dollars an they put the dish somewhere else, did not need to cut the tree which looks dumb. Beware who you deal with.