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I wasa told it can be remove with no promblem on the porch but i had to pay 50.00 for a pail and sement to relocate the Dish which i did paid. I also paid 130.00 to get started with direct tv.

I was told i should not have any problem getting my money back because they could not relocate the dish on the porch. I was told by dufferent costumer service and technical support it will not be any problem relocating the dish but i was lie to many many time. Every since my dish was installed my landlord and i asked them to remove it and i was told they was coming to remove it and they did not come or did not remove it. While i was lie to weeks by week i still had direct tv service not at my choice.

If you will check my complaint in my account it has been a problem with the dish location ever since the day it was installed.

I feel i should receive both my refund back into my check account because you was the one that lie and gave me a hard time removing the dish and relocated on the porch a.s you said you will do and it would not be any problem. My conclusion it has been a problem ever since it was installed on that same day.Also i pay another fee of 35.00 for having direct tv service when the dish was suppose to be cancelled.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $215.

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If you are not familiar with DirectTV's policies you must be able to read their minds because they sure do not tell if you don't know to ask. The work-order is their contract and by signing this you are committing yourself to whatever they say and decide to charge you for the next two years!

Plus any bank or credit card information you gave them will be kept on file to use against you later if they so desire. DirectTV Does Not EVER remove their hideous Dishes from anywhere,you have to do this yourself or hire someone to remove it for you for around $50.Any reputable company would have turned off your service immediately but not DTV,they will bilk you for every cent they can.


You right and wrong DirecTV does NOT remove the CUSTOMERS dish once installed the dish belongs to the account holder so at this point why would dtv come out and remove something that belongs to customer what's next someone left a couch and had DirecTV so come remove that too


First you signed off on the work order. You already said it was done ok these are facts. You can't call later and say move it free here are the charges $50 to move your dish yes I said YOUR dish $75 to mount it to a pole, $1 per foot to burry the cable you should not get reimbursement for any of it had you told the tech at the installation and not signed a contract saying installed ok maybe now your sol


After he install it became your property, your problem.

Go buy a house and put it on your porch you ***.

:sigh :x :cry :cry :cry


Sorry, if you think this is a DirectTV website and they will get your message,they most likely do not read the posts on this site. You might want to contact DTV directly


learn prope grammar, please! :p


Anonymous, You could do the same