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DirectTV Outrageous Practice. It is amazing to me that DirectTV actually get away with this kind of practice.

I gave DirecTV notification to disconnect my service as of mid-Night May 21, 2009 and send my final bill to my permanent home address in Houston, Texas. On May 28, 2009, not quite 7 days later with a weekend and a holiday in between I was referred a collection agency! I have this service for 8 months and have never late on a single bill (autopay). In addition to this outrageous billing practice, I was also harassed (via phone) numerous times by DirectTV over the next two weeks after I turned in my notice, telling me and asking me why I am leaving them and don?t I want to take their receiver to the next location wherever it is that I am moving to.

Time after time, I told them, this service is for my home away from home while I am working in Utah once the work assignment ended, I on to the next location which is in another state and I have no idea what my living arrangement will be therefore I do NOT want to take their receiver with me. Then they decided to charge me $80 termination fee so I asked where is the contract/agreement and I got a generic agreement that look like the stuff they send you with a bill so I guess if I just send someone a contract to whatever along with a bill that contract/agreement is now consider legit?

To top that off now I got a bill for PPV that was supposed to happen on 11/15/2008. This is June, 2009!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Receiver.

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i got directtv in april may came and i never got a bill i call over and over 2 let them know and they sent it 2 the wrong address june 18 a tree fall in my house and mess up the satelle i called 2 let them know they did nothing then they disconnected it and i have 2 pay 2 get it back on i dont think thats fair since they sent it to the wrong address twice.