This makes the third time that I have had to call direct tv about my bill with things added to this without my consent. When calling it's very poor business that I have had to wait 30 minutes to one hour to get to talk with a customer service in billing and then I was passed from one person to the next with none of them able to help on one of the things that I needed help with and I finally told them to forget it.

Please do something about your work ethics in customer service areas and about the technicians that you send out to homes.

The tech that came to my home kept going in and out to smoke and then had another man to come here and talk with him on the outside of my home. This i didn't appreciate, it look as if he was casing my home.

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New York City, New York, United States #688174

This happens far too often for it to be a mere mistake I truly believe DTV adds services to the customers bill on purpose in hopes the customer will have problems calling in and just give up and pay it. DTV has been doing this for years and will continue.

momof4...I would highly recommend you stop the auto withdrawl and change your bank account # before you stop their service because DTV will withdraw from your account not only the $200 penalty but also non-returned equipment fees and it will be your problem trying to get your money back.

Lexington, Kentucky, United States #686513

:( Switching to DirectTV was my first mistake. Allowing them to automattically withdraw my payment every month was my second.

I have to call them EVERY month with a bill related issue. My package consists of the bare minimum; no movie channels, nothing extra and is supposed to be less than 40.00 per month. Last month, DirectTv withdrew over 60.00 from my bank acct and had charges for HBO, (which I do not have)They assured me that I would have a credit on my next bill for 'their mistake'. Today, they withdrew 68.48 from my bank acct!!

No matter how ya look at it, that is stealing.

I am calling them now to have my service disconnected. I would much rather pay the 200.00 penalty for breaking the contract as opposed to never knowing how much they are going to take from my bank acct each month.

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