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I recently called to have direct TV installed in my home. I have been in the middle east for approximatly 6yrs and I am also divorced.

My ex wife was allowed to stay in my home for a period of time after the divorce by the courts and I could not go to my own home during this period. My ex wife had direct TV installed at the house where she lived and it was in her name only. When the time came for her to leave she left and she did not pay for her direct TV bill..Who cares..Well you better if anyone else has lived in your house and did not pay there bill, direct TV will not install service there until the bill is paid.Weather it is your bill or not. This was as per the Manager John 57534 at the Operations department in South Carolina RSH department.

So in essence if anyone rents your property or has had sevices there and did not pay for the bill. If you move in and want services you will need to pay for it or you might want to take your services to dish network or go ahead and get a cable provider because this is direct TV policy according to Direct TV workers.

This is the worst service I have ever had from Direct TV..Why should I pay for anyone elses bill which is not in my name and I did not sign for anything..They are hijacking you into getting there money and they can care less about the customer. Anything else Direct TV is lying..

Monetary Loss: $654.

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incorrect, the reason you are not allowed to have the services is because she lived there while the services were running. Both of yall enjoyed the service, so now that she is gone it would need to be paid.

Also, you were married at the time of service as well . I hope this helps.


i would take her to small claims court. you have proof she did not pay her bill.

get it in writing from direct tv that you cannot get dish svs until it is paid. force her to pay it.