Sacramento, California
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I just got DirecTV because I can't get Comcast where I live. Of the first 20 channels, only 4 are regular programs.

The remaining 16 are infomercials. Then the next 20 or so are pay per view. Then back to infomercials. I'm wondering why I'm paying so much money to watch commericals.

They advertise hundreds of free channels, but only a handful are programs. The rest is advertisements. Avoid DirecTV if you can!! It's not worth the money.

In addition, I ordered a bundle package through Verizon. It was supposed to be $89/month for 1 year.

So far I've received a phone bill from Verizon for $84 and one from Direct TV for $124. This is more than double what I thought I'd get even if it was prorated.

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I HATE DIRECT TV. We pay for the best sports packages and STILL no regular channels.

The first 10 are local news, then the next 80 are all infomercials and garbage... Then pay per view movies, at 200 we can start watching a few real normal programs like CNN OR THE OCCASIONAL KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS... Go with Comcast or Astound.. Anything other than DIRECT TV.

I am so fed up. The only reason we have it is for sports. I had to put parental controls on too because I was sick of seeing *** titles constantly...

Direct TV is a RIP OFF... And we still don't get all the sports channels.


why are we paying cable and satellite operators to broadcast paid programming or "infomercials" when they get paid for it from their advertisers???

most channels broadcast regular programming 24 hours a day however local cable/sat providers broadcast infomercials instead and again we get screwed! time to send a message to them all that we're done. CUT THE CORD!

they get payed twice and we get screwed!