Milwaukee, Wisconsin

To all PISSED Direct TV Customer's, "ARRISE" and we can be 'HEARD" AND "GET SATISFACTION"!

All Pissed, Screwed, frustrated and unfairly treated Direct TV Customers, w/complaints-what ever they are "UNITE"!

I plan to have filed a Class Action Suit against them in Federal Court, or in several of the States, once I fully investigate there practices. But I need your help.

Please send me you Name, Address, Email Address and Phone Number where you can be reached. (Day & Evenings). DO NOT SEND YOUR INDIVIDUAL STORIES, YET! Just in one or two words to mention if it is Wrongful Billing, Service Issues, Disconnection Fee's and/or B/S stories, supposed Verbal Contracts, Passing the Buck, etc.Those I will need at a later date, your full stories, but be working on them in detail along with copies of all correspondence, be it Email, Fax, US Mail or any phone conversations you may have recorded, dates and times they or you recorded phone conversations would be great. Start keeping a Log Book of Phone Conversations. And if you call them again, or they call you, see how long they will talk to you once you inform them that you are recording for QUALITY and INFORMATIONAL purposes, TOO! Inform them since they are recording you, you reserve your rights to record also. Though your recordings may not be admissible in a Court of Law, we can sure use them to GLEAN/CULL some important information & leads, along with Who is Who! So ask names & places and who said this or that., By what authority, who's authority. And of course you problem with them.

So for now please Email the Info I requested and I will get back in touch with you with a detailed form to fill out about each of your individual type situations and what you are seeking in relief.

Should I proceed with any type of court action/s/ this will cost you nothing. I will become the Main Complainant w/the rest of you added as the Class. I will pay all the costs associated with this endeavor, because I got screwed too. And there is no sense just me going after them when I can do it on everyone's behalf so situated as I. And get there business practices straightened out.

Verizon just recently settled a class action in regards to Early Termination Fee's and others as well.

Send you info to:

Joseph A. Burdy, Sr, Sgt, USA, Ret.

11316 10th Avenue

Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158

FAX: 262-697-7198


I prefer Email so that I can collate and work with the info better and faster.

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Dear Mr. Bundy:

Have you filed your suit yet.

I have an excellent case against these theiving bastards, and money is no object. I'm into proving points and they refused to listen I am proceeding with my claim on Monday 2/16/09


Reference, my Email: