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0 comments I am currently, but soon will not be, a Direct-TV customer. I admit I have had little to no problems with their service, no black-outs or loss of reception.

However, their customer service, on the other hand, is contrary to their product and leaves very little to be desired which is being gracious. I have been a loyal customer for over three (3) years and at the beginning I was “enticed” by a special offer at $49 per month. I was told by the representative that at the end of one (1) year my bill would go up to $79.00 per month which seemed fair and at the time was manageable for my budget. At the end of that year my bill went to $96 per month and when I called to find out why no one could give me an explanation other than it is what it is.

Remember, I am being gracious and not giving an accurate account of what the rep said since most of it was foul mouthed rhetoric. Recently my bill has gone up to $102 per month which is no longer manageable because, like many, my financial situation has changed. To make a very long story short please see the below excerpt from the transcript of my last dealing with an ATT (Direct-TV) representative asking if they could help me keep my current service and provide a lower monthly bill since their major competitor is offering a much better deal for more product lasting for two (2) years and no contract. Please note the names have been XXXX to protect identities.

I doubt if the rep’s name is real but mine is. XXXX: I understand XXXX XXXX : last time i spoke to someone the best they could do is offer me $5 a month off my bill which i found insulting XXXX : At the moment, the discount we are running is, if you pick adding AT&T Mobility with Unlimited Plus plan, you will be able to get HBO Included for FREE and a $25 monthly discount on DIRECTV service that will be ONGOING!! That will be a great way to save money on your DIRECTV bill and enjoy the best nationwide cellphone service with absolutely not barriers!. XXXX : No, that wont work, your phone service is very expensive, allot more than i am paying now.

Last time i contacted you they gave me a number, which they called customer loyalty and a PIN number XXXX : XXXX, I understand what you mean, however we do not have a department named Loyalty department and we are not longer offering discounts on the accounts. I have been working with you to find ways to lower your monthly charges in a most permanent way. XXXX : Trust me that I want to help you as much as I can. XXXX : I appreciate your efforts XXXX but this isn't getting anywhere, i am running out of time to speak to you today, i guess i will pay me bill and that will give me 30 days to plan a course of action.

To bad direct TV doesn't value my business enough to try to keep it. These are the things that people find very interesting on social media when it comes to the willingness of service companies like AT&T basically telling their customers, to bad, so sad....I am sure people will find that interesting XXXX : I am working with you today to help you lower your monthly charges and I am using all of my resources. Please know that DIRECTV does not compete with pricing, but with the quality of service we provide. XXXX : DIRECTV is the number one satellite service provider nationwide and even though the price you can see on the other provider is way lower than your current DIRECTV price, that is just promotional and that discounted price will expire, on DIRECTV we are looking into options for you to lower your monthly charges in a most permanent way, so that you can pay what is worth for the programming you receive.

XXXX : right, but your solution is to change my service package to something i don't want or to change my phone service to AT&T which is twice the cost of what i am paying now which does not make the $25 per month savings on my bill worth it, there is no value in that option and it doesn't not provide a viable solution to my concern. XXXX : I understand your point XXXX. As I can see this option are not the ones you consider accurate, I just want to let you know that I have used all of my resources to help you today. XXXX : If there is for now another question or inquiry regarding DIRECTV billing that I can solve for you, please let me know, I will be glad to keep assisting you.

So basically, what the rep did is blow me off hoping I would go away. Well, you are going to get what you asked for and lose my business altogether. I had no problem getting my cell phone and internet providers to work with me to lower my bill to something more manageable without sacrificing my current service.

However, Direct-TV would not budge, so, to coin a catch phrase “asta lavista baby” and Via con Dios. I will proceed with my mission to smear this on as many social media sites as possible while deciding who will earn my business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Customer Care.

Reason of review: no willingness to retain a loyal customer .

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: Blatant unwillingness to retain a loyal customer, Website stinks.

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