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We experienced our first problem on Sunday evening. Error 771.

Seems the satellite was not communicating with our receiver. We spoke to a rep and were unable to resolve the issue over the phone. OK so that happens, no huge deal. UNTIL I was informed that we could not get a service call scheduled for 4 days.

Unbelievable, no tv for 4 days. We live in Louisville, Ky. not some small rural county where there aren't many service techs around. This is UNACCEPTABLE.

If TWC offers a contract buyout, we are going back to them in a minute. BEWARE, when dish goes out, your whole house goes out.

AND they do nothing to try to expedite and resolve the issue.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Send a technician today. .

Directv Pros: Reception and quality of picture.

Directv Cons: Long wait time.

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Why do you feel entitled to be first, other people have been waiting for service just link you have to. TWC has times when Techs take 10/14 days don't believe me look into it on this site.

Did you ask to be wait listed?

Where you talking down to the rep about how unacceptable this treatment is(when you go down this road listen for the click of the mute button as not to hear snickering). Your mas we get it but wait in line like everyone else