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Dear DirecTV Executive,

I have had directv since 2004. I have paid my bill every month faithfully. I have never had problems with DirecTV, until now. I moved on September 8 to a new town. I called DirecTV and requested my services be moved.

I want to outline the problem I am having getting my DirecTV moved from one house to another. I could be off slightly on dates, but I am relating the exact details of each appointment.

Appointment #1 - September 10, no technician arrived. I waited, at the new house all day. I called to see what the problem was. I was told there is a four hour grace period and someone would be coming. When no one arrived during the next 4 hours I called back. I was told the gate was locked. I have no gate at the old house and the new house has a chain link fence and no dog in the yard. I was watching all day, and told them so. Then I was told the technician went to the old house. They asked if I was there. I said no, why would I be there and not at the new house where I want to be installed?

Appointment #2 - September 18, no technician arrived. I called in and was told they were sorry, but the appointment was not in the system.

Appointment #3 - September 24, I called in the morning to confirm the appointment and was told everything was fine. 8-12 came and went, no technician. I called back and was told the appointment could not be filled because a technician called in. They would have to reschedule. I asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor from Alamogordo NM called me and he said I needed to understand, a technician called in and they could not help that. I complained because I had already waited, this is the 3rd appointment. He finally said okay, he would send a technician to install my service. The technician arrived and the first thing he asked me, standing in my living room of a mobile home is where is my attic. I laughed and told him mobile homes do not have attics. He went out and came back in after going around the house. He said he could not install my service because he has arachnophobia and could not crawl under my house because he may get bit by a spider. I went out and looked at the crawl space. I didn't see any spider webs. Why would DirecTV hire a technician with arachnophobia to be an installer. Certainly installers must have to crawl under houses frequently.

I called in the next day to cancel my service. The facts are evident to me, although I am a long time customer and have paid my bill faithfully, DirecTV does not want my money or me as a customer.

I spoke to a supervisor, who offered me half off of my bill and a $200 visa card to come back to DirecTV. I had spent 3 weekends not moving and waiting at my new home for DirecTV, only to be disappointed each time. I told him I could not continue to stay at the new house on the weekend and not move, waiting for DirecTV. He suggested making an appointment during the week. I live alone and I work all week. I do not know my neighbors. I told him I cannot come home during the week until 3 or 4 pm at the earliest. I am the Postmaster of a small town, and I cannot leave work at noon. I do not have the coverage in my office to allow me to do that. He said he would note that and they could come at 3 or 4 the next day Monday, September 26. I said okay.

Appointment #4 - On Monday September 26 the technician called me about 12 noon and said, "I am at your house." I explained to him I was at work and could not come home until 3 or 4. He said to me, and I quote, "It is now or never ma'am. I cannot come back later." I asked if he had other jobs and could put someone else in front of me. He said no, we do not do that. When we arrive at your house we have a 4 hour window. If you are not available we have to reschedule."

I called back, spoke to a supervisor, and he said he was sorry. He would schedule the appointment again for the next day, September 27 and put in the notes that they needed to make me their latest install.

Appointment #5 - The technician called me at 12:18. I became angry at that point. I again asked if he had other jobs he could put in front of me. He said no, of course. DirecTV can do nothing for me, or go out of their way in any manner, although I have waited at my home 3 weekends and paid faithfully. I am just a customer to DirecTV, and it is of no concern whether I receive service or not. Promising me half off the bill, $200 and the Sunday NFL ticket matters not, if I do not have service, now does it?

I called again to cancel my service. The customer service representatives are not at fault, other than the appointment that was not in the system, they have promised me later appointments and tried to help schedule appointments. They have called supervisors to assist me and tried to get service for me. But they cannot install my service. I am tired of trying to get service. Again the representative talked me into another appointment. I made the appointment for today, October 2 from 12-4. That way I could do some moving and come home on Sunday. Well, can you guess what happened today?

Appointment #6 - I called this morning and confirmed the appointment before I drove the 2 1/2 hours from the old town to the new. I was told yes, you have an appointment between 12 and 4. At 3:10 I called back, since no one had arrived. I was told there was no appointment in the system. How can that be? I confirmed the appointment this morning. I spoke to a supervisor, I ranted and raved. I am an ANGRY customer now. This is completely outrageous. He tried to call the local technicians, 5 times, and never received an answer. Although he was in another country and was asking silly questions, at least he was trying to help me, which is much more than I can say for the local technicians. He asked me if am at the old or the new house; and he asked if the boxes are at the old or new house. These are silly questions, but he was at least trying to help.

Is there something I have said, something I have done, to cause myself to be treated so poorly by DirecTV? I am going to Twitter, Face book, and every person I see to let them read this letter. I am going to tell every person I see how I have been treated by DirecTV. I cannot believe I cannot be installed. I understand problems occur, and sometimes they are beyond control. I think I have been completely reasonable and patient as I waited for service. Service I am never going to receive, which is sad for me, as I loved my DirecTV service for 12 years. 6 appointments and almost a month later, there is simply no excuse for such ridiculously poor customer service. I don't know if the problem is DirecTV's or AT&T's, but I do know I have never in my life been given worse customer service.

DirecTV certainly owes me an apology. All the apologies in the world will not restore my faith in DirecTV. I guess Dish Network may appreciate my business, because evidently DirecTV does not want my business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Technical Support.

Reason of review: Cannot get my service installed at new home.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Entire experience, Failed to be installed after 6 appointments.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Oct 02, 2016.
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