Jefferson, Georgia

my husband is pissed because DirectTv will pre-empt the Pursuit Channel on Sat.night and most of Sunday to show football. and then you have to pay for extra to watch football. it seems to us that directtv already has plenty of channels for the football package.

he gets sick of directtv doing things like this.

also we're pissed because, we live in ga. close to the s.c. line. we are not allowed to get the atlanta network channels ,like NBC,CBS,ABC and Fox.we can't watch Ga. news

we have to get them from Greenville S.C. that has s.c. news.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

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Untrue information likes this is unacceptable. Pursuit Channel does not and never has aired football.

You can call them between 9-5 and they always pick up the phone. As hunters in today's time we need to rally behind anything hunting related. It is getting harder and harder for us outdoors man. So unblock Pursuit Channel and watch it, because all you are doing is not supporting a hunting industry that is bringing clean television to the world.

For something that's not even true. I bet you still watch the trash on other television networks and not complain. As hunters we are always shooting our self in the foot. Sorry I had to rant.

But Pursuit is the only hunting channel I have and my son loves it and I am so proud. TV today is just so bad and I want to keep one good clean channel on my TV.


In response and support of not direct tv's fault, DTV has no control over how a particular broadcaster sells their time. You all have upgraded equipment, DVR some shows on that channel that you haven't seen and watch them while the channel does what it wants with it's time. :cry


Direct TV has it cut off because it cannot support the football today. they do not care when you call to complain but if more people do maybe they will understand. i asked for a creidt for two days because I was not getting the package I was paying for.


they will not pick up the phone at the pursuit channel. i will block it so i will never watch it again.


It is accualy the pursuit channel that dose the programing not direct tv. If the pursuit channel wants to show football it will. Direct tv has no say at all in this matter.


Thats *** bull ***! *** football I want to watch hunting shows.......

He has a god damned right to be pissed.

Why the *** can't they use BTN theres never anything on it till the Big Ten rolls around anyways. *** retards....