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I signed up with DirectTV in July, 2013. They promised me my package would be $34.99 (regularly $64.99) with a $31.00 rebate applied each month.

I waited for the rebate to be applied and it never was. I called in December and they said they were applying for the rebate for me and it would be credited to my account. January I called back and was told they were going ahead and applying the credit to my account. I called back today and was told they cannot go back and apply the rebate retroactively.

Thus, I have been billed without any type of discount ever since I signed up SEVEN months ago--they even had the nerve to charge me a late charge on my statements whenever the amounts I was being billed were excessively higher than what I had budgeted for. They said they will apply the rebate going forward, but all that does is help from here on out it doesn't help that I was billed excessively 6 months before that! They want me to pay them $174.17 this month when if they had applied the rebates as I was told they would, I would have at least $180 in rebate credits!!

They've been telling me that they were going to credit my acct for the past 3 months, why would I believe them now??? They even have it documented that their representatives told me I would get the rebate retroactively, but now they deny being able to do that even though that is what I was told by their representatives.

I'm disconnecting as of midnight!! DON'T BELIEVE WHAT THEY SAY!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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They will automatically charge your bank or credit card for the early cancellation fees and most likely try to charge you for non-returned equipment as well.


Good cancel hope you didn't get HD service if you did you in a 2 year agreement so you get to pay them $20 per month that you have left for nothing if you don't pay your credit goes to *** if you don't care that means that your a deadbeat that they are better off without


No, I don't have HD, I don't even own a flat screen tv!! Since the amount I have been charged was regular price (not the discounted one they told me when I signed up) for the past seven months, they have never honored the agreement we made back last July in the first place.

Why am I a deadbeat if I choose not to pay the early termination fees on an agreement they never have honored from the beginning--they breached the contract, not me. I'm glad they record all phone calls, we are going to need them.


If you have cancelled service they will automatically charge your bank account or credit card whichever account they have on file for you plus they may also charge you for non-returned equipment fees and this can run into a lot of money.