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Shipping Label

I went to, but cannot find instructions how to print a pre-paid shipping label. Is there a site in the Monroevill area that I can drop off the box?


My service

Why is my tv is telling me to refresh when I do it don't work


beIN Sports

We had beInSports on channel 620; but lately we cannot access the program. Why?


Att dropped the channel


How much longer will it be before ksl-nbc will return

It's been over a week. I'm just wondering how much longer it might be to workout a contract agreement.

Seems like the message could update to show some kind of progress. I can use a antenna to pick up local stations for free so I'm questioning paying for tv that I can't watch a station I watch frequently.


Ksl channel

Why does Direct Tv no longer carry channel 5


Phone number on tv that stays

What happened to the notification that some one called on the tv if I am not home you have failed to keep that on. Why do you always mess up with the "as one of the older crowds" and original crowd member 13 years of your company please put it back on as that helps those of us that really appreciate that service.


Caller I D

Lost my caller I D. How do I get it back?


New directv upgrade

Hi, just got the upgrade last Friday, is there a way to set the programs to show up in the future, like 2 hours from now without all that recording stuff? The old one worked fine on this.


TLC Channel

My TLC channel constantly has interference flashes. It is the same on both tics and even the commercials on that channel.

Have tried resetting quite a few times. Results are the same.

Only on this tlc channel, no others. What's up DIRECTV????


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