Plymouth, Michigan
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October 2015 my contract came up for renewal was going with xfinity but was told that I if agree to stay with Direct TV for 2 years they would keep by bill at $109 unless I wanted more channels. After spending 15 minutes on the phone waiting for an approval on my $109 some fool came on and asked why I was calling.

Told me that my rates were going up and my verbal contract wouldn't change it. I am switching to Xfinity.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Getting transferred is the WORST. It sucks to have to explain over and over why you're calling. Don't they exchange ANY information with each other at all?


I'm really sorry to hear about that! I would love to help you find the right services for you if you would be interested.

I am a current sales agent for Direct Tv and Dish. What I could do for you is either lock in your current rates and make sure that price doesn't go up on your anymore with your Direct Tv.

Or I could get you services with Dish Network and save you a lot of money as well as buy out your Direct Tv contract. Please give me a call if you are interested, 801-921-9495