I am a contract OSP Engineer for AT&T. During this crisis I am an Essential worker going out in the field everyday to get your customers fiber optic services set up and designed so you can profit.

The company I work for cut my pay when this started. I am still out there making you money.

I get my bill and a promotional discount has been dropped, and a late charge assessed because I paid 3 days late. I have not paid late in 10 yrs. I call for help and am told too bad for you.

So..I cancelled my services with you. I will not be recommending your service any longer. There were 0 attempts to make it right.

If anything this crisis has shown me the company I have believed in and worked so hard to give the best quality work to does not give a damn about it's customer's. Pretty sad if I say so myself.

I have no confidence that this corporation or any other cares about anything but money. Thank you for opening my eyes.

User's recommendation: Stay away.

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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