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Was a U-Verse customer that switched to DirecTV after a bunch of pressure from AT&T and the promise of saving some money. One of the worst decisions I've made.

How they stack up:

- Channels, U-Verse wins this one hands down. I feel like half the channels on DirecTV are religious or purely home shopping type stuff.

- Interface, the DirecTV interface is slow and clunky. Not intuitive at all. Hard to find channels you get (even when the Guide list is set to "Channels I Get").

- OnDemand, one of DirecTV's worst features. Instead of letting you watch shows on demand, half the time the search tries to get you to record an upcoming (re)broadcast. The menus are limited & confusing.

- DVR, another place where DirecTV is sorely lacking. If you set to record the full season of a show or sports team, half the time it records on the wrong day, records the wrong channel, or doesn't record at all. Missed multiple games & shows this season due to this.

- Remote, sounds like I'm being picky but the DirecTV remotes are bad. No feature that lights up the remote (which has been standard on other cable providers like Comcast, TW, & U-verse for almost 10 years). Trying to change the volume is always a hassle. The button layout is designed pretty poorly (frequently used buttons not placed in convenient locations). Range is pathetic.

- Service, goes out and/or glitches a LOT. Nothing like trying to watch the intense moment in the tv show or game, only to have the screen freeze.

- Contracts, stuck in a 2 year commitment, with a high exit fee that won't let me go back to U-Verse.

- Tech support, inquired about an updated receiver model that would hopefully fix some of the bugs. Was told that I'd have to pay $400 or extend my contract commitment & increase my monthly fees by adding some silly service plan.

- Billing. My bills are random, I've come to accept that. Some months they're high, other months they're lower. At least when I had U-Verse, it was consistent.

December can't come soon enough! Cannot wait to drop DirecTV like a bad habit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Satellite Tv Service.

Reason of review: Poor service.

Preferred solution: Let me go back to U-Verse or update my DTV receiver without penalty; or else I'm taking my money elsewhere at the end of my contract..

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