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This has happened repeatedly. I know I have some show recorded. But then when I go to the recordings list its not in the list. To recover it I do the receiver reset.

Menu->Settings->Reset Options->Restart this receiver

The missing recordings reappear after the box reboots. So far every time. Of course any in progress recordings are lost when I do this and it takes several minutes. But then the recordings disappear again. Repeat.

Dont you clowns test your code b4 release?

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This has been going on for months, directv advise thru email to me that the problem would be fixed by Sept 30, not so...the recorded info changes at any time and the only way to make sure you are watching items in the order recorded is to keep a """""written list""""". Daily I have to go to the settings and look at the recorded history to update my list........I have requested in email to the office of the president to just """"roll back"""" until the update works, ;but no, these corporate types and today's techies just don't know what they are doing..............Just roll back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN FACT, FORGET THE UPDATE AND ROLL BACK,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,




AT&T sucks! I work in IT and there is this thing called “testing”.

I wonder if anyone has told AT&T about this concept.

There is also something called “rollback”. Another term they are apparently unaware of.


This just started happening with me as well. I noticed that some of the recordings will show in the Menu-Recordings section but so far the reset was the only option to get it back. Going to try the resort.


The other suggestion, hit 0 to resort, also appears to work.

to Bob #1578498

Hitting 0 seemed to bypass the problem for awhile but now even that isn't pulling everything up. Called Directv and still Dec.

30 for update. They're busy merging Diretv and ATT now.

to Jackie #1578708

December 30 for update? Are you serious? If this were an app, this bug would last 2 weeks before it was uninstalled

to Bob #1579543

The “0” trick doesn’t work. You only get a limited list of shows in alphabetical order.

Obviously their code is just limiting the number of show titles that can be displayed. How hars is it to fix it?

Obviously the idiots are also trying to fix the screwed up display they created since half of us can no longer read the screen. What stupid decisions they have made after many years of pretty decent operation.


Solution: go to your dvr list, and select manage recordings. Go to series manager and scroll down to the show you want to watch, then select.

Your shows will be listed under available seasons. This will work for shows that you are recording series of


I was told by a representative tonight that the "fix date" for this issue is December 30th. She seemed to know what she was talking about. I asked her why I was previously told end of September and she said she was sorry the rep told me that (she confirmed it was in the notes) but that "everyone knows" that the release date is December 30th.


Select list, then press 0.

to Anonymous #1574901

Thanks ! This helped!

to Anonymous #1579297

Still doesn't bring all recordings back

to Anonymous #1585765

Didn’t work


This just happened to us for the first time tonight. The shows were there this afternoon, and when we turned on the TV to watch our recordings, some of them were gone.

I had a hard time convincing my husband that _I_ had not deleted them. You watch!

Some violent personality is going to whack their wife over the head because the recordings are gone and he'll think she did it. Oh my golly, what if a football game is gone?

to Pat #1573610

Go to List and press 0.

to Anonymous #1586169

That does NOT work. It just gives a limited list of recordings in alphabetical order.

Still missing tons of recorded programs. This is beyond pathetic and stupid


ALL of my dvr shows just disappeared! Ridiculous!


Download the DirectTV App to a mobile device, the Playlist on there is correct. Connect your mobile device to the same local network as your DVR. Then, use the Playlist on the App to “send” a show to your TV.

to Shidoshi #1574481

Why oh why didn’t My the phone tech rep suggest this, but then again why didn’t I try it! Thank for kicking me in the crotch and waking me up! BY THE WAY EVERYONE - - THIS DOES WORK!

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