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This has happened repeatedly. I know I have some show recorded. But then when I go to the recordings list its not in the list. To recover it I do the receiver reset.

Menu->Settings->Reset Options->Restart this receiver

The missing recordings reappear after the box reboots. So far every time. Of course any in progress recordings are lost when I do this and it takes several minutes. But then the recordings disappear again. Repeat.

Dont you clowns test your code b4 release?

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Receiver.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Same here. Ready to drop it all and go to streaming hulu and netflix. Can get both for less than I am paying for this.


I'm leaving this month. It was way better before AT&T.

We are still losing recordings! Pretty clear that AT&T doesn't care about Direct.

@Jeff Barnes

It has been awhile since this happened to me last, but missing recordings again this morning. Doing a receiver rest thru the menu did not work this time for me.

@Jeff Barnes

Since the first day AT&T took over Direct I knew it would be bad. I had no idea it would be this bad.

Type your message here.

You are right. AT&T doesn't care about anything but the bottom dollar.


Been a customer for over 13 years and I am ready to switch. This is beyond annoying, credits should be given for not being able to use what we pay for!


Seriously, for what we pay, you would think they could hire a better software engineering team. Fix this bug (then test it!!!!).

How hard can this be? Brian


Still having same issue. Extremely frustrating. Keep losing my recordings.


I've had that same issue for some months now. Also closed captioning doesn't work correctly for several months.

It leaves out entire sentences. And another issue is when you set it to record a season "first runs only", it records multiple "first runs" because there are multiple channels that run a show?? It's infuriating!

Since ATT took over Directv the quality and customer service have taken a nose dive. Really is irritating considering how much we pay for service.


Try going to recording history.


Was supposed to be fixed with a 12/30 release ... which appears to have finally been applied today (1/9).

Font had gotten a bit bigger on the guide int he fall, and now it seems to be even bigger. Will see if the disappearing shows issue is finally resolved as well....


DirecTV has a whopping 6 people who work on the software, and the never fix the problems


It's happening to us too. All the damn time.

We should pay less than we do since we aren't getting what we pay for.

Fix it DTV. Everything was fine before you went to this new format in the guide and everything ...it sucks now.


Getting to be a real pain. While you are fixing it, use a larger font on the menus. Too much unused space and tiny characters that can't be read from normal viewing distance.


Go to your recording play list and resort your recordings to alphabetical order. At least that worked for me


this happens every Sunday. plus the delete option is missing. not cool...


I am also tired of this. Disabled can't get up and down to reboot Techs day software.

Can't we go back to old software until the techs get their a...

From up their b.. How much are these idiots paid anyway


You have that option to reset from your remote. Go to the menu and and click settings and you will see reset option


This worked for me. Thx so much


It sucks. And I am so tired of them saying it's been solved just press 0.


It's now 12/24/18 and the recorded programs are still disappearing. I just got a letter advising of a rate increase. Is there no accountability by a company for its products and service?

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