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This has happened repeatedly. I know I have some show recorded. But then when I go to the recordings list its not in the list. To recover it I do the receiver reset.

Menu->Settings->Reset Options->Restart this receiver

The missing recordings reappear after the box reboots. So far every time. Of course any in progress recordings are lost when I do this and it takes several minutes. But then the recordings disappear again. Repeat.

Dont you clowns test your code b4 release?

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Receiver.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Just happened to me, great. Was with Dish for umpteen years, just switched this summer, wish I hadn't.


This is a known problem and has been going on ever since AT&T took over from DirecTv and screwed every thing up. You can see the "lost" programs if you go to the history but the only way I know to get them back is to restart the system, i.e., unplug it and plug it back in.

Takes about 8 minutes.

AT&T is fully aware of the problem, has been for months; They have no intention of doing anything about it. If you have lots of time you can call their no-service department and complain if it makes you feel better.


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Dave, that's exactly what keeps happening to me. Ever since AT&T took over, it's been the lousiest service I've ever seen.

They have no intention of fixing it. I've already called them about it before, last summer even. But they just tell you what they think you want to hear, then they hang up the phone, laughing at us. They're laughing at us.

They Don't Care About Us ot their reputation. They only care about us paying their ridiculously high bill every month. I've been heartbroken because shows I know I recorded are just completely gone even after I double check that they are saved. My plan is just to get rid of DirecTV now after a decade-and-a-half.

I really hate getting ripped off this way and endlessly, so I don't feel like I have any other choice left. Good luck to you dot-dot.


The problem started with the software release in June 2018. I call every couple of months, get the same BS about how it will be fixed in the next release(4 releases later) and then I demand to speak with a supervisor and usually get a $10 credit for "the inconvenience".

Or should I say their incompetence. I think the next step is contacting all off the states AG's.

or find a good ambulance chaser to start a class action for breach of contract. Charging full price while nor providing full service that was contracted


This has been happening for months. It seems as though DirectTV must have the worlds worst IT department.

PS: last software release reset all the recording options including number of shows to save, etc. They are useless.


Worked for me! Thanks!


Been happening to me for a while now. They sent me a new box signing the Genie might be bad.

Hooked up the new one last week and today it happened again. Had to reboot to get the shows o just recorded on the new box back


I just got a replacement Genie to try and solve my disappearing recordings. The new hardware didn't solve the problem.

It's obviously a software issue that began with the last major upgrade. How can you not fix the product you are selling.

It's been about ½ of a year. What other company would you continue to pay if their product was defective?


I've found an easy work-around to fix this for the Genie. 1) Press List.

2) Select any show on the DVR where you have multiple episodes and press enter to see the episode list. 3) Press the left arrow button to return to the full list.

All programs should return to the full list. It's worked every time I've tried it.




That works!!!!


I've been trying what you said, but it isn't working for me at all.


Worked for us. Thank you


Actually worked first time I tried. Hope it works every time. Thx.


Thank you for this tip! I will use this for the time being until I switch to Dish.

My cable bill is higher than my car payment! This should not be happening & hearing that they do nothing about it is the last straw.




I just found another bug in the Genie DVR software. It happens if you have gone backward on the recording time while watching a program.

Then, if you go to "Guide" it will show the channel selected at that same (past) time, even though it displays the current time and shows a vertical line at the current time. You can't get Guide to display the current time programming without displaying the channel and doing fast forward to current time.

ATT/DIRECTV has really fouled up the Genie DVR, more than sufficiently outrageous to warrant going back to cable. Of course, the new management really doesn't care.


Just started for me this morning. If I change the way I sort the list some things come back and others disappear.

If I list alphabetically then it only shows through the letter "F". The whole thing is ridiculous.


Same problem here!