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This has happened repeatedly. I know I have some show recorded. But then when I go to the recordings list its not in the list. To recover it I do the receiver reset.

Menu->Settings->Reset Options->Restart this receiver

The missing recordings reappear after the box reboots. So far every time. Of course any in progress recordings are lost when I do this and it takes several minutes. But then the recordings disappear again. Repeat.

Dont you clowns test your code b4 release?

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Receiver.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Same problem here too. I noticed that the client devices will show the shows, but the main DVR won’t show all the shows until the entire system is rebooted. Seriously considering dumping Directv for Cable again.


Same Cr** here. Amazing ATT is willing to discredit their services to sooooo many consumers. With so many options and cord cutting becoming a regular threat it is difficult to understand their complacency.


I've been very annoyed by this problem for some time. I think DIRECTV customers and users are just the latest victims of the evils of current corporate culture.

AT&T is a giant corporation that after acquiring it has screwed up DIRECTV, but the AT&T management doesn't really care. After all, DIRECTV is just a relatively small recent corporate acquisition that they can bleed for profits while firing half its staff, probably starting with the programmers who built and understand the DVR software.


Pathetic. Everyone should get a refund as we are not getting the product we signed a contract for.

We are holding up our end, we pay our bills. They are not.


Same problem of course. If you were not aware of this there IS a work-around but it IS clumsy and a pain; all of them are still there if you go to the manage recordings tab and then the recording history tab. You do have to scroll through everything you've recorded to find what you're looking for but at least you can still find it.


I just tried this. They don't show up there, either...

I know they are still on the DVR due to the amount of space consumed.

But can't find them... This just happened to me for the first time about a week ago (around Thanksgiving).


I've found an easy work-around to fix this for the Genie. 1) Press List.

2) Select any show on the DVR where you have multiple episodes and press enter to see the episode list. 3) Press the left arrow button to return to the full list.

All programs should return to the full list. It's worked every time I've tried it.


amazing - please get a job with directv


just amazing - this after spending hours on the phone with duhrectv - thank you, and please get a job with directv


Thank you! This is the one thing that finally has worked for me!

I've been dealing with this problem since last summer at least, with no resolution or help from DirecTV.

They just don't care. But your method works and now I have finally found some programs that I knew I had but couldn't find before.


This has happened to us ever since AT&T took over. We have to reset our box every other day just to be able to play programs that we recorded.

Calling for support is of no help. I am waiting to be “out of contract”.


I have done this twice in three days. Tonight I called DirecTV and demanded a billing credit because the service does not work as advertised.

I got a tiny credit. I think I will try to do this every couple of weeks until the bug is fixed.


we have 2 tvs that are connected so whatever is recorded on one is recorded on the other. There have been times when the family room tv does not have recordings that was listed and then disappear and I would find the missing shows on the bedroom TV.

Weird!!! I hate DIRECT TV since they changed the format, don't see any improvements just more problems!!

Our problem is that we live in the country and there are no cable hook ups. We have to depend on a dish, so we very limited on what we can do!!!!!


I too am having the same problem.


I have the same problem. It started six months ago and the have not fixed the problem.

I don't think they care.

I don't care any more either. I am switching to Disk tv.


If you hit 0 while on list it will show all recording in alphabetical order. I hate that I have to do it but it does work


Mine stopped giving complete list even when I hit 0. It shows me less only 5 shows total. So tired of this *** Thanks AT&T


same here. Use to show all, now just 5 or so shows


This worked for me. Awesome. Thanks!


This used to work for me, but it doesn't any longer. I had to go and search for the show I wanted to watch that I knew was recorded.

It came up that way, but that sure is a pain in the *** I had this problem a few months back, and then it seemed to have fixed itself, but now just this past weekend the same problem again. FIX YOUR *** DIRECTV!!!!