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This has happened repeatedly. I know I have some show recorded. But then when I go to the recordings list its not in the list. To recover it I do the receiver reset.

Menu->Settings->Reset Options->Restart this receiver

The missing recordings reappear after the box reboots. So far every time. Of course any in progress recordings are lost when I do this and it takes several minutes. But then the recordings disappear again. Repeat.

Dont you clowns test your code b4 release?

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Receiver.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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to Anonymous #1574573

Used to work, now the alphabetized list will not go past the D's.

to Anonymous #1578712

6-9 months to wait for a major bugfixes which likely also includes 6-9 months of more untested changes is easily the worst software support I've ever seen. If this were an app it'd be dead in a week.


Omg me too! I thought I was losing my mind, when I would go and look for shows that I know we’re recording and I know I did not delete and they weren’t there.

This is absolutely ridiculous. Ever since DIRECTV merged with AT&T there have been nothing but issues.


Noticed this today for the first time. I should get my father on here to post his recent customer service story....

2 weeks and 6 service calls, 4 of which they showed up to the wrong address, 1 where they showed up to replaced his main box.... but did not have a box, and the last the tech had the box, and it took the tech 2 hours waiting for phone support to be able to get it programmed.


Same thing here. Don't make changes if you haven't tested to make sure it works. Fix it please.


same thing here, don't understand how this keeps happening when I'm sure Directv is aware of the problem!


I knew when att bought DirecTV, it wouldn't be long until I left...looks like that time is here


How much longer will we put up with this. Looking on going back to Spectrum after 20 years with directv


I used to like it but it ducks now. I hate it worst service.

I can't believe I pay money for this service.

This last update is just the worst, it cuts out, the I lose video, the voice cuts out. I'm almost tempted to go to comcast.


Absolute incompetence. Having to reset my DVR twice a day to watch my recordings is inexcusable.

The entire software testing team should be fired, and the person who OK'd the update to go LIVE across their entire network should be shot. But it's AT&T - they have never given a crap about their customers.

Its part of a corporate culture that ossified while they were a monopoly. Here's some feedback - {{Redacted}} DIRECTV

Lord Shidoshi

Download the DirectTV App to a mobile device, the Playlist on there is correct. Connect your mobile device to the same local network as your DVR. Then, use the Playlist on the App to “send” a show to your TV.

to Lord Shidoshi #1562463

thanks, just downloaded the app, works great!


I have never had this problem until a month ago. I think it is worse since AT&T took over and they lied to subscribers about directnow. I would rather go hulu or Amazon since comcast isn't offered here.


By the way if you don't know, "Manage Recordings" is in your "Recordings List" to the left at the top.


To see and watch your "disappearing" programs you can also go to "Manage Recordings", then click on "Recording History", and then scroll through the list of your history of recordings either marrked as "deleted", "canceled", or "recorded". All the ones marked as recorded can still be clicked on and watched.

to Fastrack #1562466

that works too, much easier,


Everything you EVER recorded is on the DirecTV iPad app even if its been deleted, new recordings disappear until a reboot. 3rd reboot this week. Tnx, AT&T, great job screwing up DirecTV...and YOU want a price increase - HA!

to k8jbastro #1565530

Local programming doesn’t show up on the app. Never has. One of the bigger disappointments.

Rico Mandog

After over 10 years with Directv, it is time to move on. Contract ends in September and so does my subscription.

Same problem with disappearing recordings, hate the new UI, still can’t get used to new remotes, losing signal during rain storms now (never mind snow), price increase, useless commercial laden On-demand, poor internet reliability (and I have Xfinity gigabit service that is never down), I could go on and on! Ever since the AT&T buy out they have gone downhill and fast...


I'm having the same problem but I do a search and it makes me basically watch it on demand. Then it always stops because it's not loading it fast enough.

I have always had problems watching on demand with this genie. DIRECTV says it's my internet.

I've had internet checked many times and it's fine. After these changes, I'm really considering going back to dish.

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