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My name is Frank Strange, I recently signed up with Direct TV and forgot to give them my referal person's acct# that day so I called back the following day and was told that "it would be ok for just the 1 day" I did howeever give them their name and address and they lead me to believe that they would find it and even told me that the credit would take about 2 to 3 months to show on my bill.They never mentioned that I HAD to have their acct # or I would have called my referal friend and got it that very day.

How clever of Direct TV to intentional with hold this information from a new customer. I waited the 3 months and when no credit showed up I called to see why. I was told then that since it has been 90 days it was too late to get the credit now. Direct TV has so many loop holes that they can wiggle their way out of the very offer they use to attract customers that it is unreal.

I don't do business with swidlers.

When my contract is up, I am changing my provider.Direct TV should be ashamed.

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Monetary Loss: $100.

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They do not give most customers the credit anyway. They LIE! SCAM!!

Altoona, Pennsylvania, United States #793311

Call again and ask for a supervisor.The person who referred you should have known how it is done.

On their bill and in the fliers the referring customer has all of the information. I imagine since yours did not go through neither did theirs.

If theirs got processed the person that referred you did not give you the proper instructions.Especially since you both have to do the almost exact same thing to get the credit.


It says right o the wedsite you need the account number and if you listen to the commercial with the blonde lady she even right out says you need the account number, it does not get more obvious unless someone puts a giant sign in neon lights in frint of your house. You just did not pay attention

to pay attention #793062

Thanks for your advice, but I was not the one refering a friend, so I didn't know about the TV ad until someone refered me.They didn't mention a TV ad, all they told me was to use them as a referal to get $10 a month off.

My argument is with the company not informing me of the "the rules" since I clearly asked about it.

I would have called my "referal friend" and got their account # if that is what they required.Just crappy that they didn't go the extra mile to tell me the rules.

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