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I requested directtv installation on December 14, 2020. The serviceman arrived at my home as scheduled and proceeded to tell me that he could not install the satellite because there was not a clear sw view, the trees would obstruct the satellite from operating efficiently.

We had directtv for 14 years until 16 months ago when we switched to Dish Network. The satellite has remained in the exact same location. Our only alternative was to cut down our trees or put up a pole to achieve directtv. After the serviceman left, I contacted Dish Network and they had me go through a series of tests.

We have a very strong signal and nothing is obstructing our view. Im very disappointed that we had to cancel our installation since I would prefer to have directtv rather than Dish but Im not removing our trees or putting a pole up in the middle of my garden.

I dont know if the installer had an accurate description of our view or if it was just to cold and snowy to work outside and install a new satellite.

Thanks for listening, Im sure Ill find an alternative way to watch tv.



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