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My wife called to cancel our Direct T.V. service on Jan. 12, 2010. She was advised that she would need to pay for the remaining 2 months. She said fine. The representative then stated that she could get 3 free months free if she stayed with the company. My wife asked "When do I need to call NOT TO BE CHARGED?" The representative replied, "March 16." My wife clarified with the employee several times and the employee stated the same thing.

Well needless to say when she called to cancel she was told we were going to get charged. Once we received the bill we both called in to dispute it being as we were told we wouldn't owe anything. They said why would we give you a credit if you aren't a customer...umm because you lied to us to keep us longer?!? Of course they went into "robot" mode and told us they won't give us a credit if we aren't a customer...but we were lied to and now we are being charged for it.

All I want to know is how would we get a copy of the tape? We have the employee id number (because my wife wanted to make sure we didn't have this problem!) and the date she called in to cancel.

Thanks to anyone who can help!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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@ Vickie P. I once had a problem with DTV and left them for about 4 months as I emailed their then CEO and he forwarded my email to their retention department in Idaho and they called me and made me an offer a mafiosi couldn't even refuse & ever since then if I call them with any problems/issues or discrepancies - I'll ask to be transferred immediately to their retention department....'and please hurry up!'


One such as this would call, write and email the FTC.gov site/office and your States Attorney General, if one feels that -- they've been violated & taken advantage of as a customer. Remember my saying; If you don't ask, you don't get! No, ma'am.

No, ma'am. :x


In addition to my previous post I wanted to clarify that I can utilize my iPhone with my Sling Adapter and get my TV everywhere I go. My Logitech Review allows me to search and save to my DVR from the internet to research travel plans when needed.


I can honestly say that I've experienced similar issues with DirectTV but it did not take me long to find another provider. I don't like to be stressed with my entertainment, especially when I'm overpaying for it!

I changed to DISH network and I am so glad that I did. Not only did I get a convenient bundle bill for my internet and TV but both services were installed on the same day and the bill is always easy to understand. I was able to get a free HD DVR, which supports to TV's and I was offered HD free for the life of my account which gives me my HD programming free instead of paying for it. My DVR is amazing; I can pause and rewind live TV and now I can access the internet with my new Sling Adapter giving me all the search and save I could possibly want.

My husband loves sports, and he has all the sports he could ever want included in my package. I really can say that I'm glad we changed and I even decided to work for the company because I wanted to be part of a company that truly tends to their customer's needs!

There is great new technology coming down the pipe and I know that DISH is on top of integrating as much new useful technology as possible when it becomes available. DISH network definitely tops the industry!


We,too, have been the victim of DirectTV's lies. We ordered a bundled service with internet and was told that we would be receiving one bill for both services and that both would be installed on the same day.

Needless to say,both of that was a flat lie. We were also told that we would be able to recieve our local channels, which was also a lie. So a day after having the TV service installed with no local channels, we called to cancel. After numerous attempts to get us to remain a customers, the representative told us that we would be charged a termination fee of $450!

I told them that there was absolutely no way we would pay for their lies and I sent a complaint to the Beeter Business Bureau.

Finally, they agreed to let me cancel the service without paying a termination fee. I think if unsatisfied customers would take the time to submit complaints to the BBB, it would make a big difference...or shut the company down.


I did not like direstvs service and asked to be disconected the very next day and still got charged 450.00 for early disconect and I didn't even have a contract yet! Then while I am fighting to get my money back directv takes another 110.00 out of my checking account,this is while I am on the phone with them. All total directv made 629.99 for 2 days of service.What a fool I am.Don't know how to get my money back.

:sigh :sigh




The customer rention department of DirecTV does indeed lie. I called them on Jan 4th, because we were tired of having to have to call DirecTV EVERY MONTH to dispute charges they have made to our ONE-BILL payable through VERIZON. We truly want Verizon FIOS, however it is not yet avaiable in our area. We do receive a 'bundle' discount of $5.00 just for having added our existing DirecTV service Billing to our Verizon ONE-BILL. Anyway, I contacted DirecTV on Jan 4th to question the Premium Channel TV charges to our bill, because back in October 2009, when I was again contacting DirecTV for billing us for their monthly magazine; of which we have NEVER ordered, however it shows up on our bill every other month as a billable item. I asked them if they were just putting phony charges on everyone's bill in the HIGH HOPES that the customers would not see the additional charge, nor call in to have it removed. But to continue, I contacted DishNet Work prior to my call to DirecTV,and to check out the promotion they were having, and where I learned, that after the 1 year promotion period; their regular pricing would revert to an amount which is still MUCH less every month than what DirecTV charges for the same programming we were currently receiving, and I would actually receive the ENCORE Programming included as part of the package I selected and for no additional charge. I told Dish Network that I would call them back after calling DirecTV to cancel thier services.

When I told the woman who answered the phone at DirecTV; and after having wasted much time being involuntarily subjected to DirecTv 's automated advertising and the multiple steps one must take to get to a real person; I informed this person 1)That we want an immediate credit for the phantom services for which we have been over charged for again, and again, and again; and to which she responded that she would credit our account for that same day. Then I told her we want to cancel our service. She first threatened us with a Cancelation Penalty fee in the amount of $275. I informed her that our 24 month contract term had already expired several months back, thus DirecTV could NOT charge us this unwarranted penalty fee. She then dropped this BOMB on me! She said our contract had been been extended when we ORDERED and purchased an Equipment UPGRADE the previous November 2008 and that this ORDER extended our Contract until month ending November 2010. I LOST iT !!DEMANDING to know exactly what equipment upgrade we had ordered in November 2008. She them told me that the technicians had made an appointment with us to come out and install some sort of unit on our exterior Satelite Dish; and which device was necessary if we wanted to receive OUR LOCAL TV Stations. I told her to WAIT ONE MINUTE.

We had received a letter from DIRECTV INFORMING US that DirecTV technicians would be CONTACTING US to make certain we would be home and that we would grant them access to THEIR DISH which is located on our roof; in order for DIRECTV to perform NECESSARY MAINTENANCE to THEIR EQUIPMENT having to do with the DIGITAL Change Over scheduled to occur in February 2009. Of course we made ourselves available and permitted the DIRECTV TECHNICIAN access to our roof for DIRECTV to PERFORM THIER NECESSARY MAINTEANCE to THEIR EQUIPMENT so that we would be able to receive THEIR services(Programming); and for which we pay them handsomely each and every month.I know that If DirecTV HAD NOT PERFORMED this COMPANY WIDE MAINTENANCE to OUR or everyone of their customer's who must have their Corporation supplied and owned systems; DIRECTV would not have had services for which to provide and sell to the the masses, they would be out of business. HOW DARE THEY THEN EXTEND OUR CONTRACT for their having had to PERFORM NECESSARY MAINTENANCE to THIER BUSINESS EQUIPMENT; which is provided to all customers so thay we may PURCHASE their products. I was not very polite as I told her I would call DirecTV back after I did a bit of research. I found the paper which I had signed when DIRECTV's technician came out to do his maintenance work. I read the box which he had insisted that I sign. It states that we are in the possession of equipment belonging to DirecTV and that should we cancel our service; it then becomes our responsibility to return this equipment; which DIRECTV had installed on our property; and in order to deliver their programming to our address.

NO where did I read anything on this yellow piece of paper, which was offered to me to sign;and as a receipt acknowledging having in our possession, equipment, which is owned by DIRECTV. I did notice that this receipt was the third copy of duplicate written pages. Before I called DIRECTV back, I called DISH NET WORK and told them of the CANCELATION PENALTY that DIRECTV was now demanding of us, should we prematurely cancel what they are now stating is an extended contract. Of course I felt absolutely NO OBLIGATION to DIRECTV for this so called contract entension. DISH NET WORK then made an offer that was very difficult to refuse. They Offered us a VISA DEBIT CARD in the amount of $100 and also included CINEMAX for 0.01 cent for 12 months and offered to EXTEND their original promotion of three months FREE for HBO, SHOWTIME and STARS for ONE FULL YEAR from our Start DATE of Service with them. I told them I would have to call them back, and the SUPERVISOR to whom my call had been transferred;then gave me his phone number to call him back. He did give me a dead line of one week to accept his generous offer or it would be withdrawn. I thought this quite fair and told him I would call back either way to let him know of my decision. Before I called DIRECTV back, I did call VERIZON ONE BILL customer service to see how much it would affect our 'BUNDLE' PRICING with them and found out that VERIZON does NOT then include DISH NETWORK In any of their 'bundle' special pricing; and that should we drop DIRECTV from our 'BUNDLE' PRICING, we would lose the status of 'BUNDLE'Servicees we are currently getting with VERIZON and our MONTHLY bill would go up by $100. per month. OK NOW MY DISH NET WORK Pricing was not looking so great. Thus I called DIRECTV back, and eventually getting the opportunity to speak with a REAL PERSON, I first argued the 'illegal' extension of our original 2 year contract; and of course, my argument being that HAD DIRECTV NOT performed this OVERHEAD COST of doing business; which is necessary for them to PROVIDE THEIR PRODUCT or SERVICES and they should not accept this mantenancee as part of their cost and their RESPONSIBILITY of MAINTAINING THEIR OWN EQUIPMENT; and by which they provide their billable services to their entire customer portfolio, they would NOT BE IN BUSINESS becasue they would have NO SERVICES to SELL to EVERYYONE.When her reply was "Well that is just the way it is", I screamed "then CANCEL our services". At this point I did not care it we paid a million dollars more to get a different TV service provider, I was mad. Thsi woman tranfrred my cal to the CUSTOMER RETENTION Department. Who then promised me every thing that DISH NET WORK had promised, except for the VISA DEBIT CARD for $100 bucks, Instead of this he offered us aTREMONOUD mnthly discouint for over year that would far exceed the value of the $100 VISA CARD. Ok I was through and made clear that I still object to as what I stated to him as being an ILLEGAL and FALSE extention of our contract, however with his current PROMISES I would agree to business with DIRECTV through the end of the so-called contract extension, and then I asked him if anything which had been done to our account by way of his promises, OR ANYTHING ELSE which they may try to dream up later, had or would cause ANOTHER UNWANTED extension to our contract with DIRECTV.I also asked him what the date of our promised services would be; and so he stated tht everything offered by him today is INDEED effective today's date.

Ok tell me I am ***. I did make a very bad decision because we NEVER received CINEMAX, and our HBO was stopped at the end of JANUARY. WE are receivng STARS, SHOWTIME and ENCORE, in addition to a whole bunch of programming we would never be interested in; and which included in the line up of the 200 channesl we pay to watch, including 11 SPANISH SPEAKING ONLY CHANNELS ( we do not speak nor understand this language)and 51 PAID PROGRAMMING CHANNELS (The real reason we chose satellite TV Programming was to get away from COMMERCIALS and I HATE PAYING FOR COMMERICIALS; and then ofcoure the selection of over 41 music channels. Why doesn't anyone offer a package without all of this garbage included?

Of course we still are having billing issues for items that we NEVER receive and the promised HBO has disappeared however it does show up on our ONE-BILL as a charge of $14.99 and we NEVER received the promised CINEMAX and our bill does have a printed statement tlling us that our Stras and SHOWTIME and ENCORE is available to us FREE for only 6 months and the PROMISED ONE YEAR REDUCED RATE is Now stated as our discount being available to us foronly 6 months. I have made calls and have spoken with the supposed Manager, I have sent letters and e-mails to the names I found on-line showing Officers of the CORPORATION and thier contact addresses, I have used DIRECTV's WEB SITE embedded e-mail Contact complaint and billing question page to submit complaints AND ALL TO NO AVAIL. I even sent a letter and e-mails to VERIZON thinking that certainly they would not to associated with a company who lies and treats thier cusomters like dirt.MY NEXT STPE to inite is to sent a like report to the FTC.gov site and one to our States ATTONEY GENERAl. DOES ANYONE TRULY INVESTIGATE TAHE ILLEGAL WRONG DOINGS OF THIS COMPANY? I AM OPEN TO SUGGESTION as what to do next. Of course I will canle our so called 'contract' with them in November of this year and we will do Business anywhere else BUT ABSOLUTELY NOT with DIRECTV regardles of what empty promises and lies they give us. :? :?