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Direct-tv sent me a return label,so I could return the equipment I went to my local post office and the the equipment was returned to direct -tv.Now direct-tv claim they never recieved the equipment,so they turned it over to a collection company claiming I owe them $400.00 for the equipment and early termination first I heard of that (early termination). The collection agency call's me like forty 7 days a week all times of day and night,which I feel they are breaking some of kind of law.Sent equipment may of 2011

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Leeds, Alabama, United States #697369

Also, do not order extra equipment...they will reset your 24 month service contract without telling you up front. it is buried on another page on their website...they don't bother telling you this because apparently, you should already know.

Nacogdoches, Texas, United States #578938

direct tv cut my service off because i got past due i owed them 180.00 so i called them and asked them if i could pay a hundred dollars on my bill the lady got mad and said we still cant reinstate your service ,but i never asked her to ,i just wanted to pay on my account.She termin ated the call and 3 or 4 days later i got a notice in the mail to return my equipment but i have not as of yet.


That is $8.00 per month not $800


If you still have the receipt from the post office where you mailed the equipment. if not get in touch with the post office they may be able to help you by looking back through their shipments. To those of you who want to get rid of DTV if you have internet service go to Amazon or walmart and purchase a Roku Streaming Video player and you will be able to access netflix,amazon,hulu plus and many other free channels for tons of movies and tv shows(netflix hulu and amazon charge around $800 each per month but it sure beats tv.The only draw back is you will not be able to get your local channels but with an antenna you can do this..Most importantly it will save a lot of money each month by getting rid of DirectTV!

to Anonymous #960022

Hi can u send me Direct TV return equipment address so I can sent those lying butt they *** I text them for prepaid boxes to ship they cable boxes they telling me I'm still active but no I'm not so please help me out I done with those crooks ( HELP HELP ME)

Eustis, Florida, United States #569590

Its to bad that once you become a customer they never have any deals for

reliable customers. Unfortunately living in a rural area they have us by the balls.

Paying as much as $122.00 a month to watch absolutely nothing no HBO etc or

NFL games forget it maybe 2 games on Sunday. Its a total rip off. DO NOT


Austin, Texas, United States #567217

Direct-tv sent me a return label,so I could return the equipment I went to my local post office and the the equipment was returned to direct -tv.Now direct-tv claims they never recieved the equipment,so they took 400$ out of my account for the equipment.I have been on the phone with Direct-tv over 10 times in the past 2 months (totalling over 12 hours of my life collectively that i will never be able to get back and didn't have to give in the first place) trying to resolve the issue of them taking my money.

They then charged me a month in advance for services, after I returned the cable boxes. So now I'm out a total of over 500$ from these people. I have since disconnected service and will NEVER go with Direct TV again. It would have been cheaper to to buy my own satellite.

They don't tell you that you can buy your own equipment on ebay and avoid the 100$ initial fee + 10-20$ monthly fee (per box/satellite). Their advertising office call's me several times a day, 7 days a week all times of day and night trying to get me to come back, which is most likely breaking some of kind of law.

Sent equipment august of 2012.


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EVERYONE in their right mind's are aware,That no matter what type of service you subscribe to their is an early termination fee.Weather it be DIRECTV-COMCAST ETC.ALSO everyone in their right mind's are aware that the return label that is sent by DIRECTV is suppose to be returned by FEDEX which is located right in front of the USPS.I do not understand why?A person would go into the USPS to return property to DIRECTV.THIS is stated on the return label,TO carry box to USPS and DROP IN FEDEX BOX not the USPS OFFICE.Why?DOES NO ONE READ THE LABEL FOR RETURN OF PROPERTY.I have returned several product's to DIRECTV and HAVE had no problem's.DIRECTV state's you will be charged for their property if it is not RETURNED in a timely manner.PEOPLE wonder what is wrong with the children now a day's.I myself wonder what is wrong with ADULT'S who do not read instruction's when they are in Plain and SIMPLE ENGLISH BLACK AND WHITE.DUH!MAYBE the problem is a lot of people cannot read and FOLLOW SIMPLE INSTRUCTION'S.THIS is not DIRECTV'S FAULT.IT is your's.WTF.IF you cannot read plain ENGLISH.PLEASE get someone who can read to help you.AND by all mean's place the blame where it goes.STRICKLY ON YOU.

to hollins1 Lone Tree, Colorado, United States #575120

I followed the instructions when I returned my Directv equipment and still had issues of the same kind.My label was a UPS return, not FEDEX.

I returned my items in a timely manner, within 2 days of receiving the labels and my equipment got returned to a warehouse in Texas. Once it was received the chain broke and al of the sudden my items were missing and never returned. I got a large final bill around $400.00 and I had to spend a lot of time on the phone trying to get it cleared up.

I was able to finally get the signature and prove to them it had been shipped and received and signed for by one of their employees.So no the blame does not always strictly fall on the consumer.

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