Thousand Oaks, California

I placed an order thru Direct TV for Satellite TV and ATT uverse internet service. I got a modem by UPS 2 days later.

I had to cancel the whole package because DirectTV could not install the service. It took me 1 hour and calling 3 different numbers to cancel the uverse order. I open the modem box expecting to find a return shipping label. No such luck.

There was a "Return Notification Label" with instructions which could not be followed. I called the number as per their instructions. I was told to take the unit to the US Post office. They did not know what to do with it.

I found out thru online that I should take it to a UPS office. I called them, and then I went there. They could not print the shipping label because the model number was not in their system. I called again, I am trying to get a shipping label.

So far, 2 days, a trip to the Post Office, a trip to UPS, 3 calls, about 1.5 hours of my time. It will take in the best case another trip to the UPS store and hope that they do not charge me for the equipment.

I suspect they want to delay you enough so they can charge you for the equipment. Whatever happens I will run away from this company in the future.

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Your problem may also be with DTV as well as AT&T. Since you ordered service with DTV and cancelled this does not mean DTV will not place a charge on the account you gave them for instillation or other charges.Watch the account you gave DTV.As for the AT&T When I had Their service I was told by AT&T I did not have to return the modem but if you do it is very small and should not cost a lot to return it.


So why did you tag this as a problem with directv? It sounds like your problem is with att not directv.