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I was given misinformation when I signed up for DIRECTV by the representative, and DIRECTV refuses to take any responsibility for that.

I started service with DIRECTV in May of 2015. While discussing the service on the phone with the representative, he specifically told me there was no contract with the service and I could cancel any time. After having the service for about 4 months, I was dissatisfied with it. The service was inconsistent when there was slightly rainy weather. I decided I would go back to Uverse and got it installed on September 17. I called DIRECTV on September 18 to cancel the service. At that time, I was told I would have to pay a $400 cancellation fee because I had signed a 24 month contract with them. I told the rep that I was told there was no contract with my service. She said that was incorrect and could not do anything for me. I asked to speak to her manager. After being on the phone for an hour already, I got a manager on the phone. After telling him my situation, he refused to even listen to my concerns beyond a robotic "I appreciate your concern, however, we cannot waive the cancellation fee." He offered to forward my information to the rep's manager for a training opportunity. I asked him how that helps me, and he did not have anything to say regarding this. I talked to him for maybe 30 minutes and got nowhere with him. I told him I wanted to speak to his manager, and he said one would call me within 24 to 48 or 72 hours (I can't remember which) but she would not do anything for me either. In the meantime, I have 2 services that are active right now. I told him several times I had switched to Uverse thinking that because they are in the same family (AT&T) that he would waive my fee considering I'm not really leaving, I'm just going to another service in their family. He was robotic and at times condescending to me. He told me the contract was stated in the printed material I was given. I told him when one of their representatives tells me that there is no contract, it should be reasonable for me to believe them. He does not agree. My complaint is that DIRECTV will not take responsibility for misinformation I was given when I signed up for the service. I believe they should be more than willing to waive the fee because:

1. I was given bad information when I signed up by their rep and they should acknowledge that and reasonably expect me to believe what he told me.

2. I am staying with AT&T, just going to Uverse, and I would think they would want to salvage the relationship considering I have other products with AT&T.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Do you take any personal responsibility for the agreement you signed did you read it if not it's your own fault. You signed a blank check and are mad someone cashed it