Pelzer, South Carolina
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I have rental property and my tenants had directv installed and they put the dish on the roof of the house. My understanding is that you do not put a satalite dish on a roof anymore because of problems and without the permission of the homeowner. I, Palmer Hyman, am the homeowner, and I did not give permission to anyone from directv to put that dish on the roof. We were having a new roof put on the house, and my tenant called to have the dish removed so the roofers could put a metal roof on the house today. Whoever they talked to said they could not come out to take it down without charging even though they did not have permission to put it on the roof. The tenant told directv they would change company, and your {person} told them if that`s what you had to do to go ahead. After that I called and to make a long story short, I explained to the lady what we were doing and if I had someone that rude working for me i would fire them on the spot. I am going to try to have directv ban from my mobile home court, also I also have directv which I will be switching to Dish.

Thank you,

Palmer Hyman

my phone # 864-616-0524

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Directv Cons: Blatant disregard for me as a customer.

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