Had similar happen. I was supposed to make payments every 2 weeks but changed jobs and easier 1 time a month.

I was talking to one rep and was ok. I called to make this payment and that rep was no longer with. The person I talked to (Patty) was rude and pushed and made me feel bad because payment was late. She wouldn't even take my payment.

Minutes later I received email they are repo my car if I don't pay the whole 3500 due. No longer will take my payments. Didn't even want to work with me. I was paying my payment monthly just not every 2 week.

I paid the full month at one time. But how they treated me was the worst. They had repo it during covid because I had lost my job and was denied unemployment. How am going to pay full amount in 1 day.

They are said coming for my car at any time now.

Won't even give me a chance or take the payment I tried to make..... Why wouldn't they want my money....

User's recommendation: Don't us CNAC.

Location: Lemont, Illinois

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