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On 01/17/2021 between 5:15-5:40 ish, I contacted the customer service to cancel my Direct TV subscription due to impending move and did not plan to renew. I spoke with Nevada (#129579).

He was not only rude on the phone but downright awful and nasty. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he replied that the supervisor would "tell me the same thing". I have been a long time loyal customer and did not appreciate the mannerism of this customer representative.

He did not make Direct TV look good and really don't want to deal with this company again.

I also did not like the new cable box that kept interfering with the closed captioning every time the box popped up telling me if I wanted to record I needed to push a certain button on the remote. This needs to stop and there was no way to opt out of this annoying message!

Preferred solution: Apology.

DIRECTV Pros: It was ok.

DIRECTV Cons: Some channels not included such as pbs.

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