Representative Mason Dobrik (SP6012) called to upload new software on my televisions. He said that because I had been a loyal customer (over 25 years) he could offer me a better rate on my bill.

The deal included me paying $150.00 up front for the deal. I explained that due to COVID I did not have any extra money at this time. He transferred me to his supervisor who repeated the same thing the rep had said. I asked if we could make some arrangement to pay this money monthly.

He said NO became irate, made some rude comment and hung the phone up in my face. If these are the type people DirecTV hires in customer service, then maybe I am spending my money with the wrong company.

Directv is not the only company offering this service and I am sure you would like to keep your loyal customers. Very disappointed with the way I was treated

Location: Richmond, Texas

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