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Called today to get some pricing on switching from Cable TV to Direct TV, I was on the phone for 20 mins and was ask to repeat my name, address and phone number multiple times. The representative on the phone ask me what channels I was interested in and some usual small talk, seemed like it was taking forever.

Out of the blue she happens to mention me that while she was waiting for the results of the credit report she would be happy to help me decide which package would be best for me. I told her to stop right now, and that she did not inform me that she was running a credit report, nor did she ask or did I give her my permission! This to me is absurd, ridiculous, and infuriating. I have no problems with anyone running a credit report if I have desired to make the purchase, but this is very dishonest and deceitful.

This is a hard credit report and it lowers your credit score.

This practice is disgraceful and should be against the law. I'm sure Direct TV is not the only company doing this sort of deceitful business practice, but there should be some kind of notification to the general public that an inquiry on pricing will result in a hard credit check which will, and could impact their credit scores.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Reason of review: Running Credit Report w/o Auth.

Directv Cons: Bad business policy.

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What's with the photo of the two drunken bar-flies ? Are they from Direct TV ? Is this what they do when they miss your service calls ?


A tactic you should consider next time you are searching for information/prices either online or when calling a service company is to never use your real name or home address but use a nom de plume and a different street address near your real one. Also, not your real phone number.

Doing this will preclude you getting subsequent emails, phone calls, mail, etc.

from the company you were seeking info from and also from those companies to whom the original company sold your info to. You can always go back in later, once you found something you like and use your real name, etc.


I like it ! I also like to answer SPAM or "anonymous" calls in Hungarian or Chinese ....