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I decided after many years to consider leaving Dish. I was sold on getting the availability of being able to record more than two shows at a time and also the added value of having a larger hard drive to store a full season of a couple of my favorite shows.

Once I got the equipment installed I realized that I couldnt record more than 2 shows without watching one of them (just like Dish) and that my hard drive was filling up faster than normal. I call direct and after several minutes was told that they couldnt do anything for me because it went through Sams Club.

I called Sams Club and they also couldnt give me resolution even though it's the only reason I left Dish Network was for the specific feratures the Rep mentioned. DONT GET DUPED LIKE ME!!

Monetary Loss: $2400.

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DirectTV will promise anything to get someone signed up for their service. Walmart,Sams&Best Buy all know that DTV lies and is deceiving their customers into signing up for their 2 yrs+ contract.

Sam's, Walmart & Best Buy makes a lot of money by allowing DTV to do thiis. Sam's and Walmart,&Best Buy act as if they are not aware of the false promises being made to the customers by DTV.

I stopped going to Sam's & Best Buy for this very reason. I only go to Walmart for my prescriptions.