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I have been searching for a cheaper way to watch tv online and thought I had found a great deal. Beware everyone before you purchase Satellite Direct TV online!!

They advertise all the channel categories you could imagine for a low price. The problem is once you have downloaded the software, you get this list of about 1000 channel networks all over the world and you have to click on each one of them to see if the channel works. 99% don't work.

I don't have hours and hours to scroll. Now they are refusing to refund me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Deal.

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I have 2 links from

They have not work for several months now. and all attempts to reach them have failed

They will not respond to any of my emails

From what i understand they need to reset so i can get up and runnig but all

attempts to reach them have failed

I would like to have a phone number contact for satellitedirect .com or their direct email address sam frazer


Total garbage and a whole lot of lies. If you get 5 working channels you are probably doing pretty good.

Don't waste your time or money. You will be more busy refreshing the channel than actually watching. On top of that they are full of malware and are harmful to your computer. To get rid of the worthless ads you are asked to purchase the premium channels for a monthly fee?

lol, don't want to know how that works. Probably more crab. Total scam in my book. Know response and hard to contact.

Go to the BBB is the best way to get one but you will probably still not see your money back. Best action to take is to trash there service online in as many ways as possible and put there sorry *** out of business.


It is a scam. Your one time purchase for life is no longer valid with them.

I have had several issues with keeping the program running. I was able to re-download the program and get back up and running. But now they have taken down the link for the old version I bought and I am forced to purchase a new version, which I will not. One day the program worked, then I would be blocked access and would have to re-register by downloading the program again per their instructions.

Now I am requesting a refund with no luck or response from them. There is not a phone number to contact them.

I did not do anything different to be blocked.

I did not change computers or internet service and did not do any upgrades on my computer. One day it works then out of the blue, your blocked with no access.


My experience with Satellite Direct was fairly good for several months,not as good as advertised, but I was satisfied. Then all of a sudden most all of the channels I was watching including the All Sports Channel stopped working.

I contacted their customer service---the worst I have ever experienced---It's all done by e-mail and it takes at least 12 hours for them to respond. They would give me a list of things I should do or download, none of the downloads worked, including a change in security settings. The same list twice on two different occasions. When nothing worked they would switch me to a different representative with a new list of to do's.

Finally after about 10 days the gave me a web address with a password. They then disabled the original site that I had paid for.

So now I am the proud user of Satellite Direct Prime which includes a tiny, tiny fraction of the advertised number of channels, including none of the sporting events that I used to watch. Like I e-mailed them " You took a real good thing and screwed it all up.


Just hook up a antenna and a Roku and your good to go.


I have used Satellite Direct for about one year and find them very responsive if there is a problem. This is not perfect but it is what I consider a great alternative to cable,dish or any other of the type.

You will save a lot of money and see most all programs.

After having Dish since 1996 on and off and Primestar aka DirectTV...I think you should give it a try.

Use the regular not the upgraded...

This works well overseas as well as in the United States. We are currently expats in South America.


I bought it to watch the oscars and have NO idea how to find them.

We choose ABC and 2 screens of what looks like data merge pops up, one right after the other so the ads aren't synced !

Thank God for the guaranteed refund~oh one more thing, they charged my visa twice, $49.95 twice!

I thought the price was $29.95 ??

Not a good.


I agee that it's not what they advertise it to be. Pop-up ads play audio even when in fullscreen mode and when not visible.

Channels don't work most of the time. Customer service is a bad joke with no punch line.

Channels are riddled with intrusion and malware. Don't waste your money.

@Burned by Satellite Direct TV


I also had the "lifetime" package and hve now been informed support only good for one year. Guess they could not address my complaints


Hey guys and gals... I'm a real user of ETV Corp's Satellite Direct TV software and have been for years.

I've gone through the good, bad and ugly over the years but things have changed for the better with this product/service. Be aware that many negative posts were posted one or more years ago. This product/service is not a scam and their payment processors really do honor the 60 day money back guarantee - refunds are given but seldom do people request when they come to me with questions or visit my site for information.

Contact me and maybe I can help answer questions and fix the issue...


I have had it for over two years and got my moneys worth however i have never received a reply to any of my e mails.Only here now because as always fox news is broken again.




it's veryyyyyyyyy poor quality.


Hi! My husband purchased Satelite Direct TV onto our IMac Computer.

I agree, you get this list of channels, and it looks a little confusing. He's figured it out, and we are quite happy with it. At the moment, I'm watching Americas Got Talent.

My husband also NEVER misses a sporting event now! So for the one time price we paid, I think it's awesome.


If you have to reformat your computer your software will stop working. Also, if you don't use it for awhile it will stop working.

There is no phone contact. If you are lucky enough to get a response from their email you will be given a work around that only works once each time. The latest I have not gotten a response. Also, those that say most channels don't work are right.

There is nothing to let you know what a channel is showing and you have to go through up to and over 10 minutes of advertisement even if a channel is working. Go ahead but basically for long range it's a waste (SCAM).


Yep, this is a rip off in my opinion. Trying to communicate is like walking in a circle. The software is not user friendly and technical/customer service is; sorry to say, a very comical waste of time.


for those using the term Direct TV you should actually be stating Satellite Direct if you're talking about the online subscription service. DirecTV is an actual satellite program provider and should not be confused with Satellite Direct and their software of which the majority of the complaints are regarding. (not ignoring those who actually complained about Directv and their 2 yr mandatory service contract similar to cell phone contracts)


Be aware there are some bogus reviews out there on Satellite Direct where some reviewers are not on the level, provide the facts with pros and cons, and never purchased/downloaded the software to give you the right information. Beware of those reviews.

Find a reviewer who actually purchased the software and can provide screenshots and/or video demo.

Always contact Satellite Direct to ask questions before making a purchase. That way you know whether or not they respond to emails within 2-3 business days.